Lookies who zis back ma frens!! Tis indon is mua. Hehe.. This is for the Taurus people out there. How about you people learn how to say no and stop being so paranoid all the damn time?!!!Kidding. :p

Anyway, Autumn from Beaute-mart sent me this today.. She is selling it in her online shop. I have never used a cream in my life but seeing that its ‘Blessings Unto You’ it must be something good. I tried and it’s very moisturizing hehe. Is that the word? fml.

Well, as I said before this will be the first tutorial which uses the 120 pro pallete. If you do not have it, you can get it here! Refer to the swatches here for tutorials k!

For the brows, I used shade 57.

Then for the brow bone, I used shade 2. The pigments for the 120 is quite different than the 88, it is very pigmented so the colours come on really strong. Be a little more delicate during application.

There is no way you can get this strong colour with the 88 pallete. 120 is the way to go!!! I used shade 32 and dab on my eyelids. This look is abit painterly, there is no need to blend. Just think of dabbing paint daubs on your eye lids and the inner corner of your eye. No need to be neat. The more you dab, the stronger the colour. Make sure you have concealer as base!!

Then I used 116 with 120 for the lower lash line. Again, no need to be neat. just hantam only.

As for the eyeliner, just line it thick and short. No slants.

Get your blusher brush and take shade 32 + 36. Brush it in one line from your cheeks across the nose. Damn my england. Then use shade 77 and 79 yellow and paint right above the pink on your nose. Cyber cutie style!!

Glam it up with mascara.

And false lashes. The more natural the lashes, the better it is.

Apply concealer around your lips to define your lips better. Smudge a little bit on to your lips. After that use a light pink lip pencil and line your lips. Colour all the way in and finish with gloss.

Tada! I look so cyber chick. lol. I love the strong colours of this pallete. Weee~~~

A more toned down version if you like to be more natural.

Punk rock style also cans!! Have funs. What’s next.. I think its Gemini!! Gemini’s look is a toughie I can tell you!!