Part 1: Close ups
Part 2: Full Length posing
Part 3: Posing with friends

Part 4: Advanced

model : Vinn Pang

  • Have you even seen yourself in photographs and wonder why you don’t look as good as those models in magazines eventhough both of you are actually making a similiar pose?
  • The truth is.. posing is not as easy as a beautiful smile or beautiful skin. Even if you are beautiful, you may not look good on camera.
    Sometimes you wonder, I look good in front of the mirror but I look totally horrible in photographs! Why?
  • Here are the answers that you have been looking for!
  • First things first, these are the rules you MUST NEVER BREAK. IF YOU BREAK THEM, well.. um.. i supposed you’ll just make a fool of yourself…sorry to say.
  • NEVER EVER raise your hands up, exposing your ungroomed armpit!! nothing kills us more than hairy armpits
  • Make sure your eyes, nose and ears are well cleaned! Even if you have top grade make up, secretions from either parts are a total turn off.
  • If you are wearing lipgloss that feels splotchy or looks totally weird, rub them off.. take a cotton pad and dip it in warm water. Put it between your lips for a few minutes. It will soften the epidermis of your lips!
  • If you are wearing off-shoulders/spaghetti straps/tubes, make sure your bra straps are nice and not too tight.


  • Don’t raise your chin up!
  • Don’t smile too wide, it will cause your eyes to be smaller like slits
  • Do keep your chin down
  • Do give a relaxed smile while keeping your eyes open as natural as possible


  • Don’t purse your lips in a tight and thin line
  • Don’t press your lips together tightly
  • Do curve your lips up in a sweet smile
  • Do remember to relax when smiling


  • Keep your chin down, but never press it close to your neck. You will appear to have double chin if you do so.
  • when you keep your chin down, your shoulder must move back as well to avoid your neck from pressing against your chin!
  • This makes sure that your face is like a demure love shape, small and feminine


  • Don’t face the camera with the majority of your hair covering your face, it makes both your eyes smaller
  • Do face the camera with the side of your face that is free of your hair, your eyes will appear to be bigger!


  • Here is a tip, just out your shoulder like in the photo above to make your hands and your neck thinner!
  • you are doing it right when you can see that your clavicle bone is more pronounced


  • Don’t tuck in your hair, they will give the impression that your neck is thick and your face is big as well
  • Instead, leave some hair to cover your “side burns” area to minimize the size of your face. it will make your face look thinner and your hair more voluminous


  • Don’t jut out your chin.
  • ALWAYS tuck in your chin as close to the neck as you can. Our natural chin is always jutted out, you must take into account how to counter that negative effect when posing like this


  • Don’t overdo it or you’ll fall into the slutty category
  • Don’t exaggerate, let your body language do the talking
  • Be demure, sweet and reserved.


  • You can pout, but do it nicely like a lady.
  • You are not actually going to kiss someone, you are just putting on your best kissing face to the camera!
  • Be subtle!


  • Don’t open your mouth too big, you’ll look like you are halfway talking and the camera accidentally snapped your photo
  • Open your mouth slightly and give a hint of smile to your lips!

I hope this helps you girls out there!

COMING SOON : Full length posing tips!

Check back often!