• This post is a continuation from the full length posing tutorial..
  • It is basically a full length dress posing tutorial.

Sometimes, when you are caught unaware, you tend to stand poker straight.
Remember to raise one of your legs slightly and keep that knee close to the other leg.
One other bad habit is to drag the dress out as a pose..
The right way is to slightly pinch the dress up while using the leg pose above.
Always move all your limbs when posing.
A sexy and cool pose, don’t hike up your dress too high!!
Slightly raise only one side of the dress while gently pulling the other up.
Don’t pull out the sides of your dress.
Always pinch ur dress slightly up.
You can be creative and scrunch up the dress (refer to left hand) while you are placing that hand on your waist. Nice.
Mind your toes and where it is pointing. Don’t point your toes inwards.
Spread your legs to one direction and use your hands to suggest subtle emotions.
Raising one of your legs up is a great idea but not if you raise them up to the limit and rest them against the wall behind.
Raise them every so slightly and keep your feet near the calf of the other leg without touching the wall behind.
This is a very common mistake.. You want to open your legs, but you don’t want to flash your privates so you end up spreading your feet apart instead.
For a demure look, just keep them together, one in front of the other. Slant them to one direction.
(Remember our previous lessons? Sit at the edge of the chair!)
Take care of not exposing your thigh when you pose.
When you expose your thigh, you might be flashing or your thigh may look huge.
When you cross your legs, your legs is going to look um.. crossed. One to each side.
But the correct way is to cross your legs but keeping them all to ONE side.
Try it.. and keep your thigh away from the camera view!