Here is the long awaited post! We had so many photos that we decided to split this post into 2. Today’s article is a basic full length posing if you are dressed in pants/shorts and a top.

On Thursday we will post another full length one of our model in a dress.

When there is a camera nearby, even if they asked your permission to take your photograph. Sometimes subconsciously, you would still stand poker straight and smile the wrong way.

Posing is not only for photographs. You need to adapt them into your life.. the way you sit.. stand and walk. Your posture will be better and even when candid cameras snapped a photo of you, you would still look good! So remember, this is not only for the camera… it is good to try and stand or sit while applying these technique. After all, don’t you agree that all models seemed to be different from us? This is exactly why.

It squeezes your arm and they look fatter than they are. Try to pose with your arms away from your body.
Take a look at the 2 photos. The difference is how high up the waist your hand is placed.
The higher you go, the longer your legs will look and the taller you seem.
Never stand with both feet on the ground. Lift one slightly up and point it out while keeping both legs together. It makes your leg looks longer.
Don’t spread your legs wide by pointing both legs outward.
Point one of your legs slightly slanted. For example, point your right leg slightly to the right while keeping your left leg facing front.
Always mind your hands and where you place them.
the waist is slightly raised adjacent to the leg pointed out.
The ultimate way to make your legs longer.
1. Place one of your leg slightly in front
2. Raise that leg’s heel slightly
Notice that the waist is slightly raised to one side.
OH. Please. No.
No act cute. pan cute. god.
just slightly raise one of your legs while keeping them pressed.
For girls who have double chin, you can try this hand gesture.
Placing your hand near your chin covers up any double chin that you have.
Careful of that arm which is near your body, don’t squeeze it to your body.

Sitting Pose.
DO NOT sit so far back into the chair.
You have to sit at the outer edge of the chair so that your thighs are not squeezed.
Slant your legs to one direction and place one of them behind the other.
Point your legs slightly outward to the front.

Spreading your legs apart is never a good idea… There is a good chance that you are flashing your chichi to other people……
You can try the pose on the right instead..
Face your body to one direction with your legs faced there. Slant the leg opposite the direction out as far as you can. Straighten that leg.

Coming up this Thursday : How to Pose like a Model : Full Length in a Dress.