I have always been an avid follower of Christopher Nolan‘s movies, from MementoInsomniaPrestigeBatman movies and finally, Inception.

In Memento, he played with time in the storytelling. In Prestige he played with illusions and the whole movie felt like an illusion. This time, he played with time and the whole movie felt like a dream.

I think this is his masterpiece to date. Eventhough I don’t really like Leonardo DiCaprio, he fit into the character like a glove. Gordon-Levitt did an amazing job too. And the usual suspect, Michael Caine is of course casted again.

The soundtrack is similar to the Nolan’s Batman franchise. Composed by Hans Zimmer once again. In the Batman movies, they searched high and low for a sound that could properly define the mood of the Joker and the darkness of the setting. After weeks and weeks of testing instruments, scores they resorted to the library of single tones. And they settled just on one note. A one key tone, made by a cello. The end-result was epic and raised goosebumps in me everytime I watch the trailer again and again.

As for the plot, I don’t think I should spoil it. But Chris took a concept, built a world around it placed characters in it and too the concept a few levels beyond the initial one, making it intelligent and strangely easy to understand. For that amount of deep sci-fi concept to be conveyed together with drama, complications, actions and climax in just 2 and a half hours is just pure genius of him.

Beware however, that the climax start early and drag all the way to the end. The suspense was so heavy to the point I actually notice the sound effects. (Good sfx are meant to be unnoticeable, once you start noticing the volume, the song, the crashes.. it means something gone wrong somewhere in the audio editing session.) This time however, the sfx were noticeable due to the lengthy climax.

This is the kind of movie you can never forget in time. Pun unintended. 🙂

Thanks nuffnang for the tix 🙂