Are you wondering why the posts are less frequent the last week?
hehe.. It’s cuz I was busy wrapping things up for my fashion show!
For one, I designed the poster.. nice onot!!!Anyway, its a collaboration between Urbanattic, Make Up Store and 3 boutiques : Bunny Noo, Sexxay Stuffs @ Sexxay Prices and well.. duh BlushBerry.It’s gonna be on the 9th of April, a Thursday night. There will be a fashion show at 10 pm but our booths will be open from 5 pm till 11 pm.
So if you wanna experience high end fashion show while shopping do come and join us!!

I will be doing the makeup for the models that night together with Make Up Store!

Did I mention that there will be my favourite band playing that night as well?
Ramanados will be heating the night up with hot tunes!!

It’s gonna be at Urbanattic, they used to be in Bangsar but they have moved to CapSquare. Map to CapSquare is below. Urbanattic is right next to Starbucks.

I will not be selling cosmetics that night but I will be launching my clothes boutique instead.
I will have all my clothes going at 10% discount and on top of that, I will be designing 5 sets of limited edition clothings. Get one piece of the house design pieces and obtain 20% off other clothes!

So to all my dearest and beloved readers, there is definitely ANOTHER special incentive for yall.

Print this out and get RM 15 off a single purchase..

If money is not your style, then use this voucher instead for a free makeover by me! Dun mind me if I snap your photo!

Did I mention that entrance is FREE?

I will upload the catalogue of the clothes as soon as I am back from abroad, all clothes will either be house designs or imported.
Going out cheap too!

Leave a comment if you are interested in coming!!