On wednesday I join over 80 bloggers at the launch of iTalkWhoa. It was held at Borneo Rainforest and for once, I wasn’t late!! Mainly because I drive the CPS now and my average speed has gone up from 70 to 120 km/h. πŸ™‚

Eric, Me and Terrence
There were iTalkWhoa pods that we can use to tweet, SMS or make calls. We tried calling an italk number but couldn’t get through. I think for normal numbers, it should work fine.

Terrence, Jessica, Me and Eric
My damn iPhone‘s Edge connection sucks so bad I couldn’t tweet. I was lucky that they provided pods for us.

Me, Rebecca, Terrence, Eric and Hanie
I joined porkgang’s table and we sat there looking at the advertisement in the projector. The advertisement was an italk how-to tutorial on making calls, smsing and iTalkWhoa. Rebecca Saw and Hanie joined us at the table as well πŸ™‚

We had our dinner and enjoyed some drinks while waiting for the crowd to fill in.

Me, Ellie and Eric
I met Ellie again and some other fellow Advertlets. Josh wasn’t there that night cuz he is too high profile for some 800 bucks event.

I also met Amanda Choe for the first time. Finally!!

Me, Sue Lynn and Horng
There were so many hot chicks and guys that night I was busy oggling at them all night long. One of them was BangsarBabe. Sue Lynn is tall and gorgeous. To top it all of, she reads my blog and follows my tutorials!! πŸ˜€ happies.

Then I met Chris Tock, friend and boss. :3

The night started with the introduction by the emcee.

Then when Jeremy makes his speech he started a trend that lasted the whole night. Basically he said, “italk” and the crowd shouted “whoa!!”. Rinse and repeat whole night.

When the Q & A session starts, everybody gathered around and asked questions. One of the questions was : iTalkWhoa is compatible with which browser?

Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

Well, I only remember this answer cuz this was one of the questions I wanted to ask.

Courtesy of Wingz Hansem Photos

Ohh, after the Q & A right, they had this competition. Two glasses and a jug of orange juice. The contestant have to use chopsticks and transfer ice cubes from one glass to the other. After that, the contestant gotta pour the orange juice into the glass of ice and drink it. The fastest one wins.

Terrence went and pulled me into the contest. The good news is I won!! I drink finish di the rest haven’t even transfer all the ice cubes to the other glass yet. Lol. Eric is finally satisfied, he told me, β€œAt least porkgang won something tonight.” -_-

I won a Panasonic cordless phone. Now my house can have another phone at the second floor. Naisness.

After that BunkFace performed their songs. It’s abit punk rock-ish. I kinda like it though.

But when they started singing “Through my Window” then only JacJac told me that they composed the song. Remember the song in the Streamyx Connected advertisement where a paper guy go from one window to the next? That’s the one! Waaaaaaa I didn’t know.

Then they tried to do the iTalk. Whoa!! -shout thingie with the crowd but they said IDDTalk instead of iTalk. Lol lol.

As usual, I had my cube with me, I think I can start a blog on the places my cube has been to. πŸ˜€ The party ended not long after that for me. I went home with a new headphone from the goodie bag and my new cordless phone. Weeee~~ thankies iTalkWhoa!!

Ok next event: Euphoria Too Hot to Handle this Saturday. Time for some shopping action!!