Remember those days where you have to call overseas and you ended up with a bombastic phone bill? Then you realized that by getting an IDD card, you can save tons of money. That’s when iTalk IDD card start helping all of us who need to make international calls.

iTalk recently launched a web portal called iTalkWhoa at What it does is you can use any iTalk cards that you purchase at those shops with the iTalk sign in the website after you create your account. Now you will have a one stop portal for ALL your accounts and I mean ALL, from email accounts to facebook, twitter, RSS readers and you can even make calls within this very portal! You can also reload your card here.

After you have created an account, you need to activate your account and you will be immediately credited with RM 5 free of charge! Then you login, and you can begin adding in your emails like so. It’s just this easy!

Other than that, you can also specify a PushMail rule. Let’s say everytime I get an email regarding orders from my Shop I want iTalkWhoa to send me an sms to notify me. I can do it here.

I can also use the RSS Feeds to subscribe to my favourite blogs and everytime they have a new post, I will receive the post as an email right here at iTalkWhoa.

Under Contacts, I can also add my Chat accounts from gtalk to msn and I will have my very own chat messenger in iTalkWhoa. All my contacts will be visible as well. Cool huh?

Then I can login to my Twitter account by clicking on Credentials. Now I can tweet from my iTalkwhoa page!

Then I tried the SMS feature, now I can blast sms-es real quick just by typing on my Mac using my iTalk account. I can sms to any number in the world. 😀

The coolest feature I feel, is the international phone dialer. I can dial right from my Mac and the billing will be deducted from my iTalk card. That’s alot of features!!

The developers of iTalkWhoa! made great effort to ensure that this new web-app is as user friendly as possible, I only had to check the manual once for the Twitter login setup. A feature that I would really like to have is video calls in this application cuz what this app resembles is somewhat like a computer set up with all the social networks, emails, phones, chats and calendar for you already. So those people who are non iPhone/Blackberry will get to enjoy all these features with iTalkWhoa! all in one application.

I am gonna try this for some time and see if it’s good! Stay tuned!