peeps i got back my mac!!

mcd called me just now.. went to get it.. was untouched cuz they din take the power plug.. n i think it ran out of battery cuz was ‘sleeping’ too long..
i cannot get into details on what happened due to a promise i made but its all thanks to the restaurant manager of McDonalds Bangsar Telawi.

Anyway.. bout the child.. (it was a 15 year old child) who got lost.. he was always at Mcd every night.. with lots of storybooks.. for 3 days straight.. parents looking for him n such.. but he did not come back.. so that’s still an open investigation..

So to help people who lose their Mac in the future :

1. Get help in the location that you lost it.

2. Report to AppleCare and Police station(bear the sufferings)

3. Block possible trading online by blasting your loss all over the net.

4. Monitor your online accounts for messaging and emails. If you notice that someone is using your accounts, get the IP address.

5. Suggested softwares to be installed in your laptop PRIOR to losing it : any of the suggested anti-theft software mentioned in the thread, MobileMe

6. If you have MobileMe, you can control your missing Mac from another Mac and pull information on what is happening, once you get any personal info bout the thief..the mac is yours!

7. If you do get back your Mac, don’t lose it again.

Thanks for the support and help…

As a note of appreciation, McDonalds’s staff is efficient (bangsar telawi branch).. Apple hotline too. You guys.. peeps in my twitter(itsablushberry) and my facebook as well.

No thanks to the police/investigators at the police station. For more info, the nice lady at McD told me that the police will not take action once the report is lodged until u kecoh about it after that. Then only they will take action. ~just in case your stuff got lost and you want some action taken.

K I haven’t been slacking k.. I been working on bbv2. I promise!!

i know the current template hurts ur eyes.. it fucked up long time ago.. Ringo told me that my blog d

To prove it.. here is the 1st template design done half a year ago.

I was inspired from a Japanese website.. it looks damn good.. supposed to replace the photo with a new one.. and some flowers done in watercolor in the bg.

I ditched it when I could no longer work for it. It was too damn restrictive and not functional. Sure it looks good. but the layout is so pretty that the content focus is all gone. Too many things in the sidebar. Too man icons. too many things. too many. until it fucked my life. hurts my eyes.

You can look at it here :

This is the 2nd design. done 3 months ago.

I wanted something simpler. more compact. Big fonts, very wordpress and twitter like fonts.

I worked on it for a long time.. I was transferring old blog posts into it.. compressed al the photos and tutorials into slideshows.. so that yall no longer have to scroll down when viewing it. I minimized lots of redundant stuff in this design. I gave up on it when the content was half transferred.

cuz it just looks so darn bad.

You can view it here :

This is the current design. done from scratch again. Its inspired from Apple’s website n app design. Clean, functional, straight to the point. Easy on the eyes. Draws attention to the photos and the words.

Try not to judge all three of them based on fanciness.. the 1st two looks like some kindergarten work.. putting everything in that looks good. this one has more finishing touch.. slight hint of shadows.. stroke.. here and there.. lots of hidden easter eggs..

Design should never say “Look at Me”.. it should say “Look at This”

I wouldn’t even try to transfer the posts. Start anew. Clean. Devoid of new functions.
No more blog submissions for you guys.. cuz i figured.. you can get that anywhere for free.. blogger wordpress.. better support too.. why would you want to pimp in my domain. under my brand. right.
Then the marketplace is gone too.
It will be solely. a blog.
with tutorials for design and beauty.
and a personal blog for me.
a portfolio
a shop.
a free stuff zone.. free templates.. designs.. icons.. n such.
and some premium stuff will be sold like templates.. designs.. etc etc.
Drop some suggestions on what features you want in my new website.. cuz I keep trying to figure out what I can offer you guys other than free stuff.. can’t think of any..