Not sure if this is my first hairstyle tutorial… but if it is, then welcome! 😀

The key to this hairstyle is layering. If your hair is already layered like this, then there is no need to follow this tutorial. The chances are our hair aren’t layered to this extreme where the top is heavy and the nape is left with a few wispy curls. To get this look, you need  a hair curler, some clips, hair spray and a comb.

First, separate your hair into 3 sections. The top part will be the ideal length of the top layer. The 2nd section will be the hair that you need to shorten. The lowest section are for the wispy curls. I left very little hair for the lowest part.

Start by curling the lowest section of your hair. When you curl, pull the thong downwards very slowly to make the curls tight and thin.

Unclip the 2nd section. Divide this hair section into 3 sections, left back right. For the left and right sections, twist them and pin like in the picture. After you have pin them, pull several strands to make them longer.

For the back section, criss cross them and pin to sides. Pull several strands to make some longer again.

Unclip the top part of the hair and curl them. This time when you curl, do not do it slowly. Instead of curling to the left or right, curl to the bottom like you are using those old school rollers. This will create volume for your hair. Do this quickly. The key is not to get curls but to get volume.

After that, use a comb to backcomb the back of your hair. Give it more volume.

Finally, spray some hairspray to set your hair. Tossle your hair to give a more natural look and you are done!

The result is a wispy windy look. 🙂

Hope you like it!