The truth is this post were all prepared by Vinn. I am now in Putrajaya Hospital, i sorta broke my ankle. Both bones and they are being held by some screws and metals now. Can’t really walk, it takes effort to sit and I am guessing after writing this post, I will have some awesome abs cuz its the only thing supporting my leg now.

A more relaxed setup at The Hills

Anyway this is about the Kronenbourg second painting, which was done at The Hills. We did two rounds of painting this time, as requested by the venue. This is the first day where we showed up and painted for half an hour.

Giving some definition to Marie

Vinn painted all the cakes while I work on Marie’s face features

Our pro setup

We are now very comfortable with our pro setup. Hehe, it consists of the acrylic signage which holds our brochures and namecards, it sits on a furry cloth. Sometimes we put some decorations on it. I have a mini chair for my iPad to rest on and a bird cage to take up more space.

Lights and action

Heh. I really like this photo. Wtf. Damn looks like I wont be able to walk for a while.

Me being questioned about the artwork by the emcee of the night – Terrence

The crowd

The crowd on the actual night.

Entries for the competition

Guests who bought kronenbourg gets to participate in a doodling competition. They could win a RM 2000 voucher from Louis Vuitton. Sometimes I wish I am the guest instead of the artist.

The Brief History

I think this is Vinn‘s way of explaining the concept. Lol. Basically, we just want to represent Marie’s luxurious and lavish life as a French culture. The theme is food  but if you ask me, I am impressed if she ate so much and still remain thin.

t-shirt painting

Our t-shirt painting sessions are secondary to the main event yes, but they always last longer. We were given first class treatment by the waiters cuz they wanted us to continue painting after our working hours. Let us go home already T_T

Final Result

This is the final result of the painting. Looks good and I like it.

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