I am finally back at home, still bed-ridden but feeling happier. Last Kronenbourg post before I update you guys on my cyborg leg. :p Our last adventure took place in Ecoba, the boisterous pub.

Painting at Ecoba. The last night of the Kronenbourg Art Festival

By this time, both of us were getting used to painting live and pacing our painting duration. Can’t do it too fast, nor too slow. Ecoba is very different from the The Hill and Library, it is so packed and noisy. It was actually thanks to an event that was held there an hour or two ago before we arrived. Good timing eh?

Still can't get used to having our very own live painting section

As usual, Vinn has already prepared the painting before the actual day and we just arrived to finish it off. With a bang. It was slightly more difficult to concentrate due to the noise and the crazy activities that were going on in there.

Kronenbourg 1664, have you tried it yet?

This is the bear beard beer I mean that quench our thirst and thrill every night we performed.

Vinn and I painting together at Ecoba

Both of us painting at 10 pm. We were both slightly tired from waking up early for  meeting. Phew. We are lucky that we just have to finish 20% of the painting.

Doodling Competition Entry

Every night, customers who bought the beer are entitled to join the doodling contest. We were the judges for the one at Library but for the other venues, they actually changed judges. Oh well, looks like we won’t be getting our hands on the Louis Vuitton RM 2000 voucher FOL.com

Kronenbourg chicks with our painting

This is also the only painting that incorporates the main colours of the Kronenbourg identity design. The theme of the painting is Love, must have romance ma.

Crazy Wacky crowd at Ecoba

OMG, look at ze crowd. I was painting and didn’t get to see all this happening but shieet, really alot of people leh.

We need to slow down!

Almost done with the painting, left the Ecoba logo only. Looks as if Vinn is standing but she is actually squatting down. After painting so many versions of Eiffel Tower, I am happy that it is not KLCC Twin Towers. Twice the job, twice the headache.

Last t-shirt painting for the night too!

We were expecting a late night when we see the overwhelming crowd but luckily for us, Ecoba closes at 1 am and we get to end our day right there and then.

Last pose for Kronenbourg. Phew!

Oh yea baby, its all done. Another one for the wall mural portfolio!

Final Result.

It looks ok but I wish that we had added texture paste to the acrylic paint to make it more impasto like. Then again, it would dry slower.

Anyway, thank you for reading 🙂 Like our facebook page ok 😀