Our recent project took us to a few pubs in Klang Valley, the first one being Library at The Curve. I was developing our company’s website then and couldn’t prepare for the event, so Vinn kindly prepared 70% of the painting for that day.

Vinn gets ready for the event

Cheery ghosts? Perhaps not. Hehe.

The painting at Library, The Curve

The subject and concept of the painting is centered on the French’s performances. Mainly Mime artist. If you do not know what is Mime, check out this video it is modern mime, not the traditional kind though.

A real mime artist there!

To our surprise, we saw a real mime artist at the event. Vinn and I looked at each other thinking the same thing, “Did they just take our concept from our painting and made it real for the event?” And then I was wondering if they will be bringing a naked lady for the next one, cuz that’s the concept. LOL

Painting t-shirts for winners

Icepeak solutions, an events company is there to emcee the night away. They asked questions and those who got the correct answers get a free painted t-shirt.

Beer, painting and friends around.

There was also a nice band that night, we were given free Kronenbourg beer and since Vinn over-painted too much before the event, we had to chill or else the painting will be completed too fast.

Final result.

We went there to paint the 1664 logo up on the painting like a glass effect. There is an Eiffel Tower in the painting with the Library logo right next to it. The interesting thing is the peeps at Library requested for UV paint cuz they placed a UV light right above the canvas. But the UV light wasnt strong enough to see the effect though.

If you notice at the right hand corner below, there is a nice Paintlust acrylic stuck on it. This is because Paintlust is now officially open for business.

Official Website is up! Omg please come and click like. PLEASE!

Our home is now at Rails Powered Paintlust.net and our facebook page is at Facebook.com/paintlust. We just started all of these, so we need a lil help from you to click on the bloody facebook like button. I like to ask you instead of forcing my facebook users to like it by invitation. Hehe.

You will be able to check out our rates and pricing there. Also, if you are an art junkie you can subscribe to our portfolio feed.

Open Now.

We are currently looking for designers, internet-savvy writers and programmers to join our team while we set up our office. If you are interested in being a part of our rag tag team, email me.