I often go to food reviews as a plus one, and they can be so long and boring. Most of them starts at 7.30 and ends at 10.30. Thats a long time to eat, sample and listen to ravings of the food. Then there are dinners that are just magical and enchanting. This night was one of them. We were invite to enjoy french cuisine at Nathalie’s in KL. Best french restaurant ever, by the way.. imho. That night, we get to experience french cuisine with beer pairing and beer in the recipe as well.

The highlight however, wasn’t only the food but the people attending the dinner. We were just chilling outside the restaurant when a pink leopard spotted pickup drove up. Leng Yein walked out of the car. This is my first time meeting her in person after hearing so much about her. She’s very friendly and nice, with an accent when she speaks english. The good kind of accent.

Before we were served dinner, Soren actually took the liberty to introduce each and every one of us to the room. I wasn’t invited per-say, but I came as KY’s plus one. However, I had worked with Carlsberg before when I was performing and painting murals with Paintlust. I am very happy that he introduced me as an artist and remembered Paintlust’s contributions. Very grateful for that.

We were joined by Terence, who is currently rebranding their wholesome liquids and Paul Manio, Kronenbourg’s Most Stylish Man, accompanied by Ying Nee. The night was full of fun and laughter thanks to these wonderful people.
Kimberley Leggett, Miss Malaysia Universe 2012 and Angel Wong Chui Ling, Food extraodinaire. She is amazing, we worked with her when Paintlust we performing for Sancora in Taiping. She can speak English, Cantonese and Mandarin fluently and is a marvelous emcee.

The food was every bit as fascinating as the night. French style king fish maki was the appetizer. Nom Nom Noms, there it goes and its gone in me. But seriously, Nathalie’s is very impressive and serves authentic French cuisine.

Before each dish is served, a video of the chef explaining how she created the masterpiece is shown to everyone.

I love the Hokkaido Scallops with the hidden Foie Gras underneath. Cooked with Kronenbourg 1662, the tantalizing arrangement was served on cabbage bubbly broth foam. Is love!!

Floating Somersby Apple Cider Sorbet was served to cleanse our palate between meals. The beer paired with this dish was the Somersby Apple Cider. Double the pleasure. The apple slice was paper thin and coated with heavenly sweetness, we requested for more crispy slices after that!

Main dish is Roasted Venison Tenderloin, coated with chocolate goodness- hazelnut tuile and thyme polenta. I’ve gotta admit, I am not fond of the Grimbergen Ambree but paired with this dish, it is perfect and brings out the heavy mead flavours that washes down the meat wonderfully.


Soren said that if we force foreigners to eat our durians, he gotta force us to eat their blue cheese. I couldn’t and hence, there is no photo of it. I tried, really. But the dessert, Homemade Brioche “Pain Perdu” is traaaa-rraaalovve! It’s mega comfort sweet goodness. The ice cream is made from Kronenbourg 1664, served o pear tarte tatin, apple and drenched in vanilla custard sauce.

The orchestra was flown? nah.. droved all the way from Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra and the dude with the guitar just can’t stop laughing. The vibe of the room rings of laughter. Is love! And lastly, we were served macaroons in shades of the Kronenbourg brand – french blue, vanilla white and love red.

I implore you to try this restaurant! Please! It’s at Menara Taipan.