Recently, I bought a pair of Tatiana boots from Lacquer & Lace..

I mean who can resist.. it looks fantastic.. as seen in Sex in the City, worn by Sarah Jessica Parker.
I was so excited that I decided to review this item in BlushBerry!

I had a fun time trying all the different ways of tying the shoelaces at the upper part.. and I found that lacing them zig zag makes the boot tighter and it looks better too!

We even did a photoshoot.. -_-
I just love the boots so much you know.. haha
but just like in the photo, the actual item looks great (even though it differs abit from the actual branded item = zip design and sole colour)
but it still looks fantastic!

To be honest.. I am very short… around 160 cm i think..
I was abit worried that this boots will make legs look shorter than it already is.. but to my amazement it looks longer!
I swear I didn’t elongate them in Photoshop!!
It is probably due to the extremely high heel.. which makes the shoe great for posing and dinners but not ideal for a shopping day out.

Well, all in all .. it is a great buy!

Tatiana Boots RM 109

Design = 5/5
Beauty Enhancement = 4/5 (makes our legs seem longer)
Easy Wear = 2/5 (needs time to lace and buckle up)
Comfort = 2/5 (not for long hours walking)

After doing this review.. we realized we love doing this!!!
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