Recently did a ladybird manicure for myself then realized I gotta cut my nails to play piano. >_<

This is by far the most challenging I have done. Gah.


  •  Red, black, green nail polish
  • Nail art pen/marker in white and black
  • Toothpick or dotting tool
  1. Base coat on.
  2. Paint 4 nails in each hand red and the leftover nail green.
  3. Using black nail polish and do a fat french tip for each red nail.
  4. When your nails are dry, use the black pen and draw a line right in the middle for the red nails.
  5. Use the pen and draw leaf veins for the green nails.
  6. Using a toothpick or dotting tool, make a big dot right on the line for a red nail. Finish up with 3 dots in various sizes on each side. Mirror to the other side. Do the same for the other nails.
  7. Take white pen dot 2 eyes for each of the ladybird nails
  8. Dot black right in the middle of the white eyes.
  9. Top coat on