We recently celebrated Lantern Festival and KY’s birthday at Eelaine’s place. There were alot of hustle and bustle before the party as we shop for food, drinks and also secretly get ready for KY’s birthday.

I made some bokeh filters for my camera specially for that night. #uselessgirlfriend but I got drunk before I took out the cake and there’s no chance to take photos of KY’s cake. #superuselessgirlfriend

Lance and his BBQ pit

The filter was super difficult to use with my slow macro lens. After rounds and rounds of taming this new animal, managed to get a small selection of photos to share. Sacrificed lots of bacon and meat for photography that night. #noobphotog

The crazy thing about this filter is when its on my macro lens, my lens can actually FOCUS on the damn filter (since its a macro lens). It caused the lens to perform slower and with alot less light.

Peek through the love filter to see Yuki’s slipper. Eelaine’s porch was full of cockles, added a lovely texture to photographs.

Carol and her love for bbq

Nothing can stop this girl from eating pork.

Yuki and Eelaine’s sister spent her night by lighting up lanterns and putting them all over the house.  I took Ikea candles and lit them all over the garden.

Do you remember how to light a lantern? I’ve forgotten and nearly burnt my finger.

One of the highlights of the night was when Terence was given a mission to light a bonfire. This fire is made from leaves and leftover charcoal from Lance’s BBQ pit. Eelaine’s chopsticks almost became food for the fire. #pleaseonegod

I have forgotten what this fire was for. I am thinking it was for photography. Most of the lanterns that fell to the ground lit up the leaves, the people nearest to the fire was taking photos, including me! #hopelessbloggers

Michael and his entourage of alcohol kept us alive that night. and me drunk and tipsy.

This was the last point of my sobriety. After which I staggered to Eelaine’s grand piano and gave out of tune renditions of Jim Brickman. And not forgetting the cake for KY’s birthday, which I feel so accomplished walking with a lit up cake without stumbling.