Snow Patrol "Fallen Empires" Concert

It was all cuz of Snow Patrol. That we headed all the way to Singapore. And also all the way to Tioman. Before the concert, one must make sure he is properly fed and hydrated. Being Malaysians and unsure of where to go, we wandered away from Fort Canning Park and walked into the nearest restaurant we saw.

If you came across a restaurant with a name you cannot pronounce or read, walk into it. Spontaneity has rewarded me many times and only failed me once. And of course, the best ones are those without a signage.. those are particularly good for bowel relief.

This French restaurant looks expensive, feels expensive and sound expensive. Never mind the taste and smell. We were greeted by a brown man with impeccable english that hints at a slight French accent, so KY claimed. He turned out to be a Malay. Why don’t we have them like that here?

Here, the best service I get is a “Ah moi, makan apa?”. At Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, I got a bunch of flowers from the waiter, his name is Faizal. Claiming it is a bunch of artichoke, he then go on to explain how it will be cooked and what wine would go well with it. I was thoroughly disappointed that at the end of the conversation the artichokes are actually NOT for me. He took it back to the kitchen and I was left utterly confused something like how a child would feel after being offered a forbidden cotton candy.

That’s KY’s main – Joue de boeuf au vie rouge. We only have time for a main. Would love to do the whole set and spend more cash than we had initially exchanged before coming to this country. In a new found restaurant, one only orders the safest dish. Nothing adventurous. Just to test the waters and of course, colours were flying out of an 8-bit unicorn game once we laid eyes on our dishes.

We have had pretty dishes. Plenty of them. Pretty dishes that tastes as good as it looks? Maybe once or twice.

Our dishes were delicious and the evening perfect- impeccable service.. beautiful presentation..clear blue sky and on top of the world. That’s my Tartare de boeuf up there.

Would definitely recommend this place and revisit this restaurant again with a full wallet.