Launch party beneath the stars

I do love a star studded night.. especially if there are shining LED lights embedded in the ceiling twinkling away the whole night. I am happy to be a few of the lucky campers who get to witness the first telco to launch the Prada phone.

Celcom's CMO gives a speech

Basked in blue tinted lights, the night has Celcom written all over it as gorgeous models in blue paraded the phone the entire night. The phone’s user interface is a pleasant minimal black and white. It has taste and is in a different class on its own.

Chilling with the girls at the event

3iling and Cindy were some of the bloggers that attended this event. KY was my plus one for the night and this proved to be a change of luck when we are invited to enter a small contest.

May the best pose wins!

Each one of us gets to pose with the models and the phone, of course. The judges will then pick 2 best poses and the winners will be awarded with the LG Prada phone worth RM 2299. KY was asking me to do an egyptian pose claiming that it would be a sure win, I for one thought that would be inappropriate in my dress and did not go with it.

Celcom launched the phone in style

The 4.3 inch NOVA High Brightness Display phone is launched together with a full access to PRADA phone accessories such as the branded cradle, ear set and pouches. Boasting of a 1.0 GHz Dual Core Processor, the phone promises both high speed performance and internet surfing as well.

Priced from RM 1518, available at Celcom

The phone’s signature design features PRADA’s Saffiano pattern for the back casing. The pattern looks like a tight grid with some slight loops for discontinuity, this is actually kinda good as it increases the grip you get when you hold the phone.

Slimmest fashion smartphone

Not only it is fashionably designed, it is also small enough to fit in your smallest clutches and as thin as 8.5mm. It has no button on the home screen making the design cleaner and more room space for the display.

The most stylish Android phone so far

While the actual phone does not have the PRADA logo in the front screen, the logo is embossed in the Saffiano back casing. Eventhough the phone comes with a capacity of only 8gb, you can upgrade the capacity with your very own SD card making room for more apps, music and movies. Plus, you get to record and playback videos at 1080p in 30 fps.

KY wins a LG Prada

The night turned out to be eventful as KY won one of the phones with his egyptian pose. -_- I wish I had listened to him. That lucky b******

KY's prize for the night

If you think the phone is pretty, take a look at the earphones. It is so chic and stylo milo. I lost my earphones recently and KY gave me the PRADA earphones. Thats my lucky win for the night!

You must be wondering how does this concerns you.. hehe.. this is your chance to get your hands on a brand new Prada waller or bag. Celcom is giving away the following prizes for the best video blog on why Celcom and Prada are the perfect match!

  1. Grand Prize of RM 2500 voucher + Prada Phone
  2. 2nd prize of RM 1500 voucher + Prada Phone
  3. 3rd prize of RM 1000 voucher

Once you have made your video, make sure you submit the blog URL or youtube link to Nuffnang by 17th March 2012.