This happened last Tuesday. In case you do not know, blogger’s posts are never chronological in time. Some events are blogged later than the rest depending on the blogger’s whim and mood. I was at Tenggol!!! How to blog?!! *At least, I do not blog about material over a year’s old. :p*

Tokyo Hair Cosmetics by Kao launched Liese at Zouk KL today. We reached there early, seems like I am slightly punctual nowadays. 🙂 I saw Adeline there but the usual suspects, Erin and Jessica was missing in action. Looks like its just gonna be me today.

We were hungers max!!! Thank god I fixed my sleeping and eating habits in Tenggol. We were ushered in and we ate like hungry aborigines, feasting on the finger food. There was a mini mushroom tart that is exceptionally delicious. The sandwiches and wedges were awesome too! Free flow of coke and juice too. While people are waiting patiently for the launch to begin, we worked on our iPhones and it was a great feeling. Working in an event with free food and drinks. Plus the environment, air con and music blasting is something new to experience, eh?

The emcee for the day came on stage and introduced the event. I was guessing she could be Japanese cuz her England seem to be quite powderful for an emcee. 🙂 Her name is Jean Thor, according to Vinn, she is one of the top 5 Miss Astro. 🙂

My suspicions were slightly confirmed when the CEO, Hiroaki Taki-samasan give a speech in the bestest Japanese accent ever. I picked out a few sentences something like this : “At KAO, we are constantly working on new and improved formulations to enhance the health and natural beauty of Asian hair and with Liese, we are happy to announce a breakthrough in the hair care industry.”

After that, Miss Elizabeth Choon, the Brand Manager gave a speech before the hair show begins.

All the models had light, airy hair that is dyed to the perfect shade of chestnut brown. *Envies* They seemed to be non-models though. I think only the 3rd one from the left is a professional model if I am not mistaken. Could have hired me you know. -_-

They launched 3 sets of products categorized into Care, Styling and Colour with the tagline : Sure Stylish, Always Easy. All the Liese products are of course products of the Hair Beautifying Technology founded in Tokyo, Japan.

They have a spray on shower called the Juicy Shower and serums called Cocktails in the Care category. I was given the Juicy Shower and it smells wonderful. I was noob enough to remove the pink cap even though I do not have to and I was wondering why the liquid comes out in drips. :)) I also had one of the Cocktails, it’s good for my dyed hair as it repairs it and makes it smoother to the touch.

The colour category comprises of a foam dye called the Liese Bubble Hair colour. It’s a different kinda style now, no more dying and combing to ensure full coverage. Right now, it’s foam style! Interesting! It’s just like lathering your hair with shampoo and leaving it a bit longer before washing it off.

For the Style section, they have foam for setting in soft curls and Designing Jelly for a more defined look. I have not tried the foam given to me though. Not sure how it works at the moment. 🙂

The models and representatives of Liese had opened up 3 booths to demonstrate all the products to us. They recommended products that is suitable for our hair and we redeemed our media gifts.

I managed to steal a photograph shoot with the emcee during the event. Damn, she is tall. 0_0

I took home 3 products for trial. No free gifts for you this time cuz I have something more interesting in store! Kthxbaislolttyl.