What the fuck is MACC.
its the lamest thing I ever heard.
But I am going. You should too.

First of all. Douglas Lim and me had a past together.

Don’t believe?See! I am possessively standing in RED trying to stop all this women from getting close to him while looking good. hello.

2nd of all. Kuah Jenhan is my pet. He is my flamingo. He lives under a stone. Don’t believe?

we happen to live under a stone.

3rd of all. The venue, now listen out.. its at PJLA Jaya One. and guess what. I designed their website.

So tell me, how can I not go.
Even though I am forced to pay a fine of RM 33.88 to enter.

Seriousness aside, they are really terrible comedians. Here’s a joke Jenhan always say , heck I give you 2!!

“When you are young, your mother tell you not to make funny faces or else you will look silly.
Why you never listen to your mother?”

“Your mama so fat that when she wears yellow, people see her and call ‘TAXI!!!””

And here is my Douglas Lim’s standing up for comedy.

Please come and amuse yourself with their idiocy..I will be there.. if you are coming email me so we can sit together or something!

PJLive Arts, Jaya One
Saturday, 17 October @ 9pm
Sunday, 18 October @ 3pm – Matinee
Sunday, 18 October @ 9pm

Saturday, 24 October @ 9pm
Sunday, 25 October @ 3pm – Matinee
Sunday, 25 October @ 9pm


Tickets available at TICKETCHARGE (603) 2241 9999 OR visit www.ticketcharge.com.my