If you are staying in Ye Olde Smokehouse, make sure you have a telephoto lens. It’s perfect for the entire trip. There are birds that you can photograph unobstructively during breakfast. However, to enjoy their beautiful garden, a macro lens is essential.

Finding insects is a challenge, unless you consider flies to be a good subject. The wind sways the plants, making it difficult to hunt the insects with your lens as they keep moving about.


I think I need to seek another perspective to photograph flowers, I keep using the same angles and it’s so common. I love those misty, faded ones that we can find in tumblr shares.

I am also abit particular about my bokeh shapes now. They are abit fringy and not creamy enough. When it comes to composition, I find that following rules too strictly restricts creativity.

Am so bothered with the direction and lines in the composition, all the rules and I forget about what I am trying to shoot in the first place :p I love those photos with beautiful color schemes but everywhere I look, I just can’t see things the way they see it. Could be the inability to summarize getting in the way. tsk.

Anyway, I am thinking of converting my Sony Nex 5 to either an infrared only camera or an underwater camera. It can only go one way or the other. The underwater housing for the Nex 5 is really cheap, less than 400 ringgit. Converting it to infrared will means I can only use it rarely. But I so so love infrared photography.

I adore vines.. always wanted them to go with berries, flowers and leaves on a cottage. This is a direct result of reading too much Enid Blyton as a child.

I have gotten good response with this photo. Not sure why.. I don’t really have a special attachment to it. It could be it’s wallpaper quality?

This was a staple flower that grows everywhere. Back in university, we love to take shots of this.


Chicken pox. :grin: