About us

The Mad Museum brand represents the non-conformity to current ideas & trends, seeking to provide a satirical approach and expressing them in aesthetic form. Originally conceptualise to represent both global trends and local culture in Malaysia, the approach can be applicable in any region

Latest Progress

  • Venue confirmed Quill City Mall
  • Logo ready for trademark
  • 20 artwork in progress out of 37
  • Awaiting shareholder’s agreement
  • Cashflow ready (1 scenario out of 3)
  • Website domain purchased.
  • Email accounts pending and awaiting setup

The Team

from left :
Rebecca Ng (Chief Marketing Officer)
CEO & Founder – VR Globalink, billboards advertising agency
CEO & Founder – Avere Ventures, media agency

Eric Tan (Chief Executive Officer)
20 years in hotel industry, held managerial positions at Ming Court Beach hotel, Holiday Inn, Mines Beach hotel, Holiday Villa UK.

Angeline Teh (Chief Operations Officer)
Food entrepreneur – Margarita Pub & Cafe, Banana Leaf Restaurant, Lok Yim Seafood Restaurant, Overtime cafe, 98 degrees bistro, The Ministry Lounge & Bistro

Chris Ng (Chief Finance Officer)
20 years of experience in travel industry – MP Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd owner and also owned multiple businesses within the industry.
Young Entrepreneur for Travel Industry Award TTG 2013

Haze Long (Chief Creative Officer)
10 years of experience in creative industry – CEO & founded Paintlust, Art Misfits
Produced over 100 murals, Top 5% Cradlefund C&G achiever award 2014
Public figure, media darling as Malaysia’s best speed painter


What is Mad Museum?

We aim to showcase art & installations of traditional culture with modern concepts & technologies to achieve maximum impact. All ideas will be truly Malaysian, representing culture, history, architecture, flora & fauna etc.

Truly Malaysianinstagrammabletrendyinteractive3d muralsAugmented realityvirtual realitykinetic sculptures



Super size interactive art installation.

The Museum will exhibit 3 of these XXL installations of about 26 x 26 ft

Confirmed installations – Projection mapped stage monolith & Kinetic art installation.


3d murals representing all sorts of traditional culture in Malaysia.

Currently confirmed – 12 murals


Booth size photogenic installations of 10 x 10ft.

Maximum impact within reasonable cost.


Rooms for art installations that requires audio, visual or technology assisted experience.

Currently confirmed – 8 rooms ranging from infinity room, infinity experience room  to wayang kulit and wau room