Last week, I went to Magic Colour Lens’ review and makeup session. Its a new and upcoming e-shop selling Korean contact lenses.

Before the makeover

I was actually abit worried cuz I could no longer wear colored contact lenses. Whether they are brand new or not they sting my eyes really really badly. They were really generous in giving me 4 pairs of contact lenses. So happy!

Delectable, venue host for Magic Colour Lens

I went to Mid Valley Delectable for the event. Everyone was already having their makeup and hair done after a light lunch.

A pair of colored contact lenses

The contact lenses come in a cute pink package. I got an extra pair of contact lenses, so grateful to them! They all come in a blister package for hygienic purposes. All of the contact lenses are manufactured in Korea with Diamond-cutting technology.

Blue Bear biscuit

Delectable gave us some goodies as well, look at this blue bear-bear. It tastes amazing! It is hard to believe that something that looks this good can taste so delicious as well.

Contact lens kit inclusive of solution, case and tweezers. Oh and a mirror.

Some of the goodies that they gave were really interesting. I got a contact lens kit, I am guessing this is for emergency. A mini pack to keep in our handbags just in case! Really really useful, especially to people with sensitive eyes.

Twitter biscuit, anyone?

This is the cutest thing ever. Twitter bird biscuit. So cute. Seriously. And it tastes good. Uma-so…

Sweet popsicles of delightful chocolates.

Everything is sweet and princess-like on that day. The whole event was catered to girls and we had great fun!

Stilette Grey contact lenses

The first contact lens I wore did not hurt or sting at all. And if you have the same problem that I have, the solution is to drench your brand new contact lenses in your contact lens solution for some time before wearing them. They are 16.0 mm in diameter and 55% water content hence they are really comfortable.

Dazzle violet contact lenses

The other 2 pairs I got were the Sparkling Ocean Aqua and the Blushy Blue contact lenses. I was worried that they will be too dramatic for that day but I didn’t know that they look so natural despite the dramatic effect in their website.

Tammy gets her makeup done.

I was late, so when I got there only Tammy and I were left without makeup.

Me getting my hair done.

Hah! I told you that every pro uses Babyliss Hair Curler. They did some sideswept hair for me.

Tammy getting her hair done.

When I was getting my makeup done, Tammy got her hair done. The other were already camwhoring at this point. lol

Dalina, Alicia, Fatin and Stellar

Everyone had really pretty makeup and we were all in high spirits.

Completed makeover

The makeup that they did for me were pretty neat as well. They used blue eyeshadow and contoured my face. Simple but nice. The contact lenses added a really nice touch to the whole look. Sigh.. finally I could wear colored contact lenses!

Traclyn Yeoh and me

Traclyn was also there and we finally get to meet.

Lovely Stellar

This girl. This girl. take photos at the fastest speed. I have never seen anyone do it this way. It’s crazy.

Traclyn, Isabel, Alicia and Dilana

Looking at the makeup everyone have, we looked ready to go to a ball or something.

3 new members! Fatin, Wani and me

The venue was sponsored by Delectable and it is the perfect backdrop for our event.

Tammy and I

The person that made it happen was Tammy, it is all thanks to her that this event is possible.

All of us!

We had a great time! There are still 11 collections to choose from in the website. Shop at If you have sensitive eyes, then this is the contact lenses that you should go for. Β They are all priced around RM 40.