Great for a girl’s night out!
Quick and Easy!
Once you learnt this, you’ll be a pro! Caution! For evening til night only, may deceive the crowd into thinking you are more beautiful, read on only if you wanna push your beauty to the limits! Tried and tested : guys’ magnet! Ingredients of recipe :
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer
Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage
Shu Uemura Face Powder Sheer(pearl) 20g/0.7oz
Stila Fall in Love Pallete
Stila Eye Shadow Pan – Twig
Shiseido The Makeup Fine Eyeliner #2 (Soft Black) Refill
MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel
Clinique High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb Mascara Black/brown
Stila Sun Protection – 0.28 oz Stila Sun Bronzing Powder – Shade 3 for Women
MAC Powder Blush in Well Dressed
Shu Uemura HARD FORMULA Eyebrow Pencil H6 SEAL BROWN 02
Any Pale Pink Lip Gloss
Any Shimmer Product

Classic Party Look


Dab a few dots of foundation all over your face like so.
Remember to use a foundation colour that is the exact same shade with your skin!
You don’t want to end up with a different shade for your face and neck.
Make sure to use a wee bit more if your night out is going to be long!
We used :

Dab and rub in your concealer/camouflage along your eye bag line.
Continue to build up on the concealer until your eye bags are gone.
We recommend Laura Mercier’s Camouflage, they are drier than concealer and they build up much more easily.

Take your loose powder, tap some of the powder on to the cover.
Use a damp sponge to slowly dab the powder all over your face.
Work slowly.
Use a large brush and brush the excess powder off your face!
We use

I am sure that there is still some powder left in your cover.
Use up the remainders to cover your eye bag area completely like in the photo.
Don’t worry if you look weird now, this process ensures that if your eyeshadow excess falls on to your eyebag, you already have a protective layer here!
You can use the large brush to brush this powder area away when you are done with your eye make up!

For this make up we use Stila Fall in Love pallete, but you can use any pallete that have almost the same shade as ours.
Here is the palleteThere is a skin tone colour and 2 shades of grey. They are shimmering eyeshadow, so make sure you don’t get the matte kinds.

Using the skin tone eyeshadow, brush them along your brow bone like so.

Use the light grey tone and fill your eyelids in a somewhat triangle shape like above

Use the dark grey and apply from the end of your eyelid, pull it UP towards your inner eyelid.
Always start at the end of your eyelid (the right most side of your right eye and the most left most side of your left eye)

For this part we use Stila Twig eyeshadow.
Start at the end of your eyelids, pull it in towards your inner eyelid
The Stila Twig shade is a sold out item that is a favourite among make up artists.

Use an ink eyeliner to line ONLY the outer corner of your eyelid like so.
Start from 3/4 of your eyelid, pull it up in an arch.
We use Shiseido fine eyeliner.. This eyeliner is refillable and can create the thinnest of lines!
The packaging is classy and elegant and your liner stays put on your eyes all day.
Apart from that, it is easy to remove as well.

After that we fill in the rest of our upper lash line with a gel liner from Mac.
The reason we use 2 eyeliners is because ink liner is easier to control ..great for drawing precised tips!
Gel liner comes with a brush, and when we draw using a brush the line is softer and can span across our eyelashes more easily.
We use Mac Fluidline in BlackTrack. If you do plan to buy a gel liner, please finish them in 6 months time because they tend to dry up very quickly into powder. If your gel liner already looks like powder, DO NOT use them because they will irritate your eyes!

We continue using the gel liner over our lower lash line.
The white loose powder is still on our eye bags!

We finish off with a pair of fake eyelashes.
If you planned to take photos during the night, this is a must.
Alot of people uses flash at night and if you do not go heavy on your eye make up, you’ll be invisible.

We use mascara to put over our lashes, both top and bottom!
We use Clinique High Definition Mascara, they have the best mascara in the world and they can be easily removed just by using warm water. They protect your lashes too!
We use mascara in black because they make our eyes look much much bigger while brown makes them softer.

Use any shimmer product and put them under your tear duct like in the photo.
This will catch the lights in clubs and draw attention to your shimmery eyes!

We finished off our eyes by penciling in our eyebrows. We use

After that, we contoured our face by applying bronzer to the areas shown in the photo.
the SECRET is to apply any shimmering product along our nose line like in the photo!
For bronzing we use

We then apply a pale pink blusher over our cheeks.
We use Mac Well Dressed Powder Blush. Well Dressed is great for smoky eyes or heavy make up because it is very pale and it balances our face features after the make up really well.

Quick tip : If your lips are chapped/dry/peeling, take a cotton pad.. wet it with warm water and placed it between your lips for a while. It will soften your lips and your gloss will not get stuck in between your lip crinkies!

Line your lips with a pale pink lipliner. We use Shu Uemura Electric Candy in Pink.
If you find that your skin is darker around your mouth edges, you will need to apply some concealer/camouflage to these areas first.

Use your fingers to spread the lipliner’s colour all over your lips.. Re-apply if you need to.

Use any pale pink lip gloss over your lips and you are done!

Ready to rock the night!! Look at our secret ingredient taking its center stage!

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