Hi girls.. this is a prom look for those who are wearing dark coloured dresses!
For this tutorial.. it is a collaboration between BlushBerry and Chamber of Babylon.
We provided the models and photographer.. while Miss Chamber of Babylon(below) provided the makeup artistry on all of us!

The makeup products are all from Make Up Store.. their products is really good and can achieve all sorts of funky effects using their Makeup. We will list down every product that we use… you can visit Make Up Store at Pavilion or Gardens in Kuala Lumpur. Make Up Store is also available worldwide!

Curious? Just scroll down to see!

1. Apply foundation all over your face. No concealer necessary. Just apply with a foundation brush. The reason for not using a concealer is to give a flat coverage and also to prevent wrinkled areas from cracking when you smile.. so you can remedy by using more foundation.

Make Up Store Matt Foundation

Make Up Store Dual Foundation Powder.
After that we set the foundation in with this powder. It has a very smooth coverage but it tends to redden you skin.. so pick a LIGHTER foundation tone if you plan on using this powder.

2. After that, fill in your brows using a brow brush.
We used Make Up Store’s Tri Brow Colour, you can choose whichever shade that suits your eyebrow best!
3. Begin your eye makeup by applying a shimmery white(Champagne) MicroShadow to your brow bone area and blending downwards.
Make Up Store’s MicroShadow (Champagne)
4. After that apply a light brown shade(Forest) on to your crease.

Make Up Store’s MicroShadow Forest

5. Complete the colour base by blending a dark black colour over your lids (Shimmery Bell)
As this is from the new Fall/Winter Collection, we do not have an official photograph to show yall.. but the name of the colour is Shimmery Bell.
The photo above is just a reference
6. Apply your blusher to your cheeks!
Make Up Store’s Blush Lust
7. After that put on some very dramatic lashes!
This lashes is also from the Fall/Winter Collection.. it is OH SO GOOD!!
8. Line your lashes with a black eyeliner
Make Up Store Liquid Liner Black
9. Using a brush, apply a sheer pink coloured lipstick to your lips!

Make Up Store Lipstick Fence
10. Dab a wee bit of lipgloss to your lips!
We use Make Up Store’s Scent Lips RifRaf.
It smells really delicious by the way.
11. Our secret and finishing touch!
Use Make Up Store’s Glitter Liner and apply over your eye makeup. They will shimmer and dazzle all your friends!
Make Up Store’s Glitter Liner Alive
All done! Put on your cocktail dress or long dress and go to the prom!
Notice how mysterious the eyes look.. with the long lashes and shimmery eye make up?
It really draws attention to your eyes!

Time for a glass of cocktail or wine!

Other than the shimmery bell makeup.. if you are looking for a more minimal makeup.. you can try these looks too!
1. Apply Green eyeshadow over your lids..
2. Apply Black eyeshadow on the inner and outer corner of your eyelids..
3. Blend!
It is minimal in the sense that when you open your eyes.. there is a hint of makeup in your crease!
Or you can even go Nude!
1. Apply a Cream eyeshadow over your lids
2. Apply a Pinkish eyeshadow in the inner corner of your eyelids!
3. Finish off by using a Light Brown eyeshadow at the outer corner of your eyelids!

Coming soon : How to Pose with your friends!