Will Blushberry get into trouble for posting this?
We don’t know and we don’t care.
Our first priority is our readers.What you read next is true.. and it happens everywhere around the world.

Be careful, we will do our best to provide you information on each cosmetic line..

If you have bought their products before, it is stated that it is MADE IN KOREA.
The truth is Elianto is Made in Malaysia and China, not Korea.
It was never generated in Korea like what they said in Yahoo! Answers.

We love and support Elianto for the fact that they are Korean made and they are dirt cheap.
Now we know why.
Any Korean letterings on the make up?
I doubt the salesgirl knew about this too… you would probably have to shoot up higher for a more correct answer.

We will follow up on this issue and update you guys..
We are going to ask the Elianto people directly.
Do expect a 2nd post on this.