For those who have paid for the 88 and 78 pigment palletes… I just got the latest update, the stock will arrive on 20th April 2009. I will collect and package immediately on that day unless they push the date again. Thank you for your generous patience and faith in me as a seller.
Sequence Fashion Show is tomorrow, the Fifth Collection Hermès will be presented!! I am so excited!!
I m still sewing my clothes…. omg.. i m so late..
and I have to do my nails and all..So here it is!
An exclusive preview for my readers…
EDIT : You can get the clothes now at blushberry boutique
1st of all, you can check out SOME of the clothes I am selling at

As for the clothes I designed, here it is!
They are all my style.. either sexy or emo clothes. haha.

I did my manicure too!


You can get all this at pasar malam.. the OUG one.. SS2 one.. i think
Ok tools:
1. 1 shade of color in shimmer and matte
2. topcoat
3. basecoat
3. muffins (sorry couldn’t resist, looks like recipe list)
4. netting sticker
5. brushes
6. (ignore the acrylic stuff, I failed to do acrylic)
7. flowers
8. diamantes

First, buff your nails.. wash your hands. remove all the grime. It’s disgusting if you seal in all the dirt by applying nail polish over them.
After that, apply basecoat over your nails.

Then, apply one thin layer of shimmer.

Finish the base by applying one layer of matte colour over your nails. The shimmer will show just slightly.

Stick on the netting sticker on your nails. Remember to cut before you apply your nail polish, if your nails are wet you’ll get into all sorts of sticky situations. After sticking, cut off the excess.

I wanted to do acrylic ok… but i failed miserably. I thought I was doing it the right way by dipping the brush into the liquid then the powder. but when I apply on the nail, it did not stick or powder came off. What did I do wrong???
Someone teach me!!
Obviously I haven’t learn manicure before so teach me!!
Anyway, I stuck on 3d flowers as a last resort.

Then I stuck on ribbons at the end of the net.
As a finishing touch, I stuck some diamantes here and there.

There. How sad. No acrylic. sigh.