yo… how are yall?

swamped with exams? blushberry v2 is coming!!!

Anyway, I went to alot of events & bazaars recently, here are a few pics for yall to enjoy..
First off, KDU College Rave 4 Sale Event

I was the sponsor for the makeup…so i did the makeup for all the models.. check it out.
I was assisted by Kim.. you’ll get to see her pics later.. she did all the base up til the blusher.. I just do the eyes…Thin eyeliner… green, yellow eyeshadow, falsies.
Concealer on lips to cover dark spots with burgundy lip gloss.
All colours from the 88 pigment pallete

pastel coloured eyeshadow.. cherry frosty lips

um. base and concealer + powder.

pinky purple eyeshadow.. with lightly glossed lips..
her falsies went on really well..
I used the taiwan eyelashes that I sold in this blog.

base + concealer + powder

base + concealer + powder

smokey dark eyes with light lip gloss.

Dark Smokey Eyes.. with little bit of blending.. not so smokey..
Nude lips

After that, we did our own make up.. then we were thinking.. let’s just ask the hairstylist to do our hair!!! BRILLIANT!

Damn cool… its difficult to curl short hair k.. they really have potential!!

Look at my romantic curls! I have to upgrade my skills!
Cute puppies at the event!!!

Notty little boy.

Then one day, we went to the Comedy Club..We were supposed to have a photoshoot, so I did all our hair and makeup.. but the photoshoot was delayed.. That’s us all glammed up! From left : Kim & Ash from Temptious Art, Pearl from Bunny Noo and me from er. Blushberry.

That’s us with Douglas Lim.

Getting hot in here… fuuu**

Thats us with 2 of the comedians, Johnathan and Hung Lee.

That’s us with Hung Lee!

and with Harith Iskandar..

I stole this from their official photo gallery.. waiting for the next batch!!