1000 contestants.

10 finalists.

1 winner.

RM 60,000 worth of prizes.
Trip to New York City.

Stardom.What more can I say?

Presenting… all the finalists!!

10 lucky girls with dreams and ambitions, contesting to make it to the top.
Who will win?

I am not going to go into details about their dreams.. they range from wanting to be an actress to opening a bakery… and lots more! You can find out more about them here!

Me being simply fabulous?
I went in there expecting a catfight between them.. holy moly.
They are all so lovey dovey.
Is this a reality tv show?
Or is the claws gonna come out later?
Watch the episodes to find out!

Nalinder having fun and enjoying herself with the other contestants.. told you it don’t seem like a reality tv show… but boy.. the competition is tight!

With challenges coming up and only ONE winner who is gonna take the RM 10000 scholarship to pursue her dream, a trip to New York Fashion Show.. they are all hyped and excited!

Look at them scavenging for Maybelline goodies for their challenge!
Can you guess what their challenge is?
but I can tell you it is no easy task… haha..

Getting ready to shoot with Sarah Lian as the host.. Our equivalent of Tyra Banks.

That’s me with the bloggers : Jessica and Pink Pork Chop!
We had a real good time snapping photos behind the scenes.. how exciting!!
Too bad I am not one of the contestants… there goes my dream…. sob
I am glad I made it to the shooting of Simply Fab, I met some really cool people.. after all the hiatus cuz of my work and family.. its a nice change for once.

Radiant Syifa smiling in anticipation of her challenge.

Bei Shan all prepared for the challenge after applying foundation and concealer.

Thats Sarah Lian the host of Simply Fabulous.. She is so pretty and tall!!!
I managed to steal a picture moment with her in the canteen.. lucky me!

The finale will take place next month in a secret location. I will be there with the bloggers.
Sarah Lian will be there.
Celebrities will be there.
Judges like Steven Sunny will be there.
They will be there. It will be a night of dreams, glamour and competition!

and you have a chance to join all of us on that special day!!

I already have my favourite contestant after getting up close and personal!
I will be dishing out my personal interviews with each of them next, stay tuned and remember to catch the episodes at 8tv’s website!
Find out all the drama and love between them!

Oh one more thing.. the finale will be aired on 8tv!!
Roll red carpets…roll… haha..

Now, here is your chance to get your hands on some goodies from Maybelline!
Prizes first.

1st Prize : RM 100 worth of Maybelline products + 2 passes to Grand Finale

2nd Prize : RM 80 worth of Maybelline products + 2 passes to Grand Finale

3rd Prize : RM 50 worth of Maybelline products + 2 passes to Grand Finale

Here is how you can win them :
Post a comment containing all the names of the 10 finalists and who is your favourite contestant and WHY.
Include your email.

If you get the names correct and ur fave contestant is the same as MY fave contestant.. you get 1st place. 2nd and 3rd place contends for the best reason given for their fave contestant!

Hehe.. this is the reason why I did not indulge more about the 10 finalists, cuz if you want this..find out more about them in the official websites which contains all episodes, profiles of finalists and even more contests!

The Simply Fabulous Freebie Contest begins now!

Contest ends on 27th September 2009 Malaysia midnight.