I went to Euphoria yesterday night for the Maybelline’s Simply Fabulous Grand Finale… It was packed with supporters.. they even have banners cheering for their favourite contestant.The 10 finalists. Ordinary girls with big dreams.

The winner of the grand finale was Nalinder, she got one step closer to achieving her dreams on becoming a travel host.

The night starts with the hosts, Sarah Lian and Henry Golding emcee-ing for the night. They got some of the audience to get up on stage and do a bullwalk(male equivalent of the catwalk).

The crowd was packed and hyped up for the night while medias and Vips are all lounging upstairs..

The 10 finalists makes an entrance, there were lots of cheering and support from the crowd.

Zhareen won the Iphone for the 2nd challenge that the finalists took part in. They were supposed to discover 10 spies in a club by approaching everyone there. She was deemed calm, poised and confident when approaching the spies!

Hosts for the night : Henry Golding and Sarah Lian. Henry is quite thin in person… hehe

Jason Baum performing on stage as fillers.. I don’t really like the performance though… I couldn’t really distinct out the lyrics at all.

If only I can hear properly what is he singing.. lol

The 4 judges..Kimberley Foo, Sazzy Falak, Steven Sunny and Abhinav Sharma.

The girls all dressed up for their Levi’s Fall Winter 2009 Collection catwalk.

Shawn Lee performed after the catwalk. He is a beatboxer.. very cool sounds.. check it out here!
He represented Malaysia in the Germany Beatbox Battle and got thru to the top 16!

The crowd rocking to Shawn’s beats!

Small guy with big beats.. love his movements..

The finalists waiting for their cue in the background..

Back on stage for the winners’ announcement.

Calista won the Striking Confidence Award (blogger’s choice). I heard that the votes was Calista against Zhareen, I din vote for either of them though. hehe. In the end, Calista won the award.

Nurdiana won the So Gorgeous Award(Retailer’s Choice) presented by Watsons. Each of the award winners take back RM 1200 worth of Maybelline New York products each.

Finally the announcement for the grand winner came! Nalinder is the lucky girl to bag RM 10, 000 and the chance to go to New York Fashion Week!

After the announcement came, the other girls hugged Nalinder despite their disappointment. To me, I personally feel that the journeys for all of them starts here. Some may give up, some may work harder… and it all depends on them individually.

More hus an well wishes.. but there are a few contestants who are already affected by the results and trying to keep a low profile. Losing is an invaluable experience if taken positively.

All smiles for the camera and the crowd.

Sarah and Henry wrapping things up for the night!

Nalinder enjoying her moments of fame 🙂

Erin and I.. I met her when I was heading down.. What coincidence.. it must be fate!!

Erin and her friends..

Me, April, Erin and Jessica.

Nalinder posing for the cameras.. still in the happy happy mood 😀

Nurdiana, Nalinder and Calista with their prizes.

One last shot before the night is over, and before everyone part ways for their dreams!

Sazzy and Me.

The hosts..

The judges.. mean Steven Sunny..

Pinkporkchop and me!

Ok!! back to transferring posts to my new server.. work hard and this will be .info soon!!!