I am writing this tutorial for frustrated peeps out there who are still looking for a way to transfer blogger posts and comments to Joomla.

I am using Jcomment and the core content component of Joomla for blogging. I still have not figured out the way to import the comments into my Jcomment database.

As for blogger posts, here is the way to do it:

Export from Blogger

Log into your blogger account, go into the Settings page of the blog that you want to export.

Under Blog Tools, click Export Blog. Click on Download in the next page.

Download the .xml file that Blogger packs for you. It is a collection of all your posts, comments, settings, widgets and template.

Upload .xml to Server

Upload the file you downloaded to your server.

Feed2Post configuration

After that, download Feed2Post for Joomla. It is a commercial component that costs $15. If you want to download it for free, source it on your own :).

Log into Joomla, install Feed2Post component. Go to Component>Feed2Post>View/Edit Entries

1. Put in your feed title. The title will not appear in the posts you import.

2. Point the URL to the address of the .xml file that you have uploaded to your server. It should be something like http://yourdomain.com/blog-xx-xx-xxxx.xml

3. Fill in the Section and Category that you want the posts to appear in. If you intend to import into different categories, you need to repeat this procedure.

4. For Post as User, you can assign the author of the blog posts to your current username. If you have multiple authors, you need to repeat this procedure.

5. Make sure that Full Text Gather, Show Intro, Open Readmore Link at iframe and Include Original Date is set to No.

6. Set feed date as created date to Yes and Store Author to Don’t Store.

7. Save.

Importing Posts

1. Go back to the View/Edit Entries page and check the feed that you have just created. Make sure that the feed is set to Published.

2. Click on Items next to Post All at the top right corner.

3. You may need to wait a bit for it to load. When the page loads, you will be able to view all comments and blog posts from your Blogger account.

4. Check those items that you want to export as blog posts to the Category (and author) that you have defined earlier.

5. Once that is done, click Post at the top right corner.

6. This may take quite long to load if you select a lot of items.

7. If the import is successful, you should see a notification. Your posts should now be in the Article Manager. Your job is done if you are importing all the posts into one category.

If you have Multiple Categories and Authors Set Up..

9. Go back to View/Edit Entries page and check the feed. Click on the Change button at the top.

10. Set the Section, Category and Post as User to the next setting.

11.  Repeat the steps in Importing Posts above.

If this helped you, I would appreciate a word of thanks or a tweet. 🙂 I am still trying to import comments into Joomla. If anyone can help, it’ll be great!