2 weeks ago, I went to the Mini Driver Training with KY, Kimberlycun and ShaolinTiger at Sepang. It was the most overkill-managed event I been to, ever.

We were given tags with our own name and breakfast is served by Shangri-la.

After a good breakfast, we introduced ourselves and attended a driving lecture given by Hammond Lai. He taught us (with great humor) theories on braking, lateral forces on tires and the gist of driving smoothly. They even have their own photographer that shoots most of the great pics in this post. Awesome!!

We head out to the car park to find beautiful Mini Cooper S waiting for us, all brand new and polished for us to learn.

KY and I took a sneak peek in the dashboard drawer (which slides out slow-mo when we press it) and found a list of spare parts for the car. The whole course is over RM 1000, but it is definitely worth it. All the adjustments for a brand new car plus we actually get to drive it aggressively enough to harsh the car.

Let’s not forget the Shangri-la breakfast and lunch as well. Oh and, helmets are provided AND umbrellas (it rained slightly). These guys seriously do not miss any details when it comes to event management.

This is the reason why I took so long to blog about this. I lovingly edit the videos and compiled them into a 4 minute plus video with effects and slates. The videos is shot on 2 GoPro HD wide angle cameras and KY’s Canon s90. Song is from Need for Speed Carbon soundtrack, blardy Youtube WMG emailed me a copyright warning within minutes of processing the uploaded video. Enjoy the video 🙂 You can subscribe to my Youtube channel here too!
Sections : Slalom 0.12, Emergency Lane Change 0.24. Straight Line Braking 0.40, Understeering 0.56, Brake & Swerve, 1.25, Agent Turn, 1.39, Mini Contest 1.54, Sepang Track Fascination 2.22

At the end of the training, we were all presented with our certificates and lovely gifts from the instructors. From left : Hammond Lai, Wong Kah Keen, me, Ivan Khong and Irwan Ismail.

For the mini contest, KY won first place with 21.01 seconds. You can watch the contest in the video above. I won second place with 22 seconds. ST got third place too (I think they mixed up, he is supposed to be faster than me wtf) I wasn’t prepared to win and I walked up there with hair undone and a lollipop in my hand. -_-

Our awesome instructors, Ivan Khong and Hammond Lai.

KY, me, Kim and ST in wide angle GoPro shot 🙂

The GoPro HD camera comes with only 2 buttons and no preview, the good thing is I can put it anywhere and get a shot of EVERYTHING I want cuz the angle is really wide.

Monsters at Sepang’s pit.

Lovely kimcunberly and I. :3

To my surprise, Dwong went for the training the next day. I got the photo from Sashi’s email. A big big thanks to Sashi for the invitation to this max hardcore awesome event!