Recently, with my smoking and bad habit of peeling my lips.. my lips were in a very bad state. It is dry and chapped.

Lucky for me, a godsend gift arrived at my doorsteps. Mogitate Kajitsu, Japan’s No 1 lip balm. I seriously need some honey and beeswax slathered all over my lips. I notice that smokers have a slightly darker tint of lips and it has started to bother me. Pumping in some Vitamin A and E would help prevent lip-aging and give back some shine.

If I want to go out sans makeup in the day, I need to take care of my skin! Right now, if I walk out without makeup its a real distressing sight. After applying lip balm, my lips feel better.. but it will definitely take more time for them to completely heal. The next step is to completely stop smoking, which I already started. (again, yes I know but this time I will make it!!! RAWR!!!)

The lip balm smells good and is cool on the lips. Get them each at RM11.90 in Watsons store nationwide. They are limited edition so grab them quick!