New tools for the piece

And… we continue on our Paintlust journey. Needed some new tools for wall painting. Tools are expensive and they get spoilt so easily. Sometimes we wonder if they are worth it at all. This roller is RM 63 and the sponges RM 55. Could have made our own.

The wall and the client

Our client this time is celebrity violinist, Dennis Lau. I first met him in the Uniqlo event and again during one of our t-shirt painting events. We had to paint him a t-shirt twice cuz it got stolen!! Who would want to steal free painted t-shirts?? especially if they already have other people’s names on them? Who? @_@

Paintlust chicks and the wall

And that’s us by the empty wall ready to dissect his wall with our tools.

Mixing the correct color. Swirl and swirl!

Gotta repaint the wall with a flat color first.

Base color down.

And… we started painting… I can actually climb the ladder now yay!

Faux effect WIP with new RM 55 sponge

Vinn doing the faux effect.

Hair and skin tone

When the faux effects is done, I painted the hair and body.. just some rough tones. I gave things a white base so that the area looks brighter as I build more colors on top of them.

Lining the hair

I love to finish off a painting by giving it lines. And when it comes to hair, I like to draw every fucking strand.

Defining the body and giving it lines

Now I can slap on some skin tones and line them all up to finish everything off.

Face painting development

Because the body is flipped, I had to take a photo each time with my useful iPhone and flip the photo upside down to look at the proportions. Had to make sure all the tones are correct before I continue with the darker tones.

Finished face

The face is finished once I put on the blacks and whites.

Finished figure

And then it is done!

Doodles and what not

I started to work on the doodles below her hair after that.

Le miao starting on violin

Meanwhile, Vinn worked on the violin, eh she mean guitar.

Le miao doing the piano halfway

She had a learning experience when she painted the piano with curved perspective.

Le miao smiling at me

Happy while painting…

Le miao blending pro

She is really good at painting splatters and blending colors together. She did it so effortlessly and fast -_-

Le mic and doodle finished

Michael Jackson is in the center of the doodle, can you find it? There is an old Shanghai microphone as well right next to the floating hand.

Typography with a brush

Writing with a brush is difficult. If only I can do this :

The typography in legible style

Then it will be much easier

Final result

If I must explain the concept, the floating hands are in the action of playing the violin. Strings are all part of the symbolic string instruments. And if you look carefully, the left side is Dennis’ inspiration …ze first act. The tools on the right ze second act and finally the stage and third act is in the middle through the window. Cuz behind the window is… … ze man behind the Mac working.

Then you hope that the cat doesn’t come into the house and shit.

This is how you terrorize a musician's studio :p

And when you hear the actual musician play, you get a mixture of feeling inspired and intimidated. Then  you go home and have a really mad round on the piano hurting all the ears around you.