Recently went to alot of photography trips. Love photography max!! This time around, we went to Taman Pertanian for a cycling trip slash photography trip. As usual before going, I MUST pack EVERYTHING into my bag. I am also convinced I can cycle for at least 2 hours.

Horng and Yuki cycling

I was wrong. After 15 minutes of cycling, I want to go home already. A 2 degrees inclination uphill is enough to break my thighs into crispy nuggets. Most of the time, KY and Horng were coaxing Yuki and I to go on. They were also trying to solve our countless problems.

You see, Yuki insisted that she wanted the pink bicycle, which has a romantic little basket in front. After 20 minutes, due to the broken gear and unbalanced basket.. the bicycle and her bag changed ownership to Horng.

Meanwhile, my specs keep sliding down my sweaty face and I did stupid things like pushing my bicycle up the stairs.

80% of the time were spent cycling and managing laughter. The only times we get to take photos was when we chanced upon this Rumah Iklim which was simulating Autumn season that time.

I finally got the change to try out my graduated color filters. This time I used pink, blue and yellow filters. I just slide them around to different positions each time I shoot. I usually use 2 filters for each photo. Like the one above, I used blue for the bottom and yellow for the top.

Horng taking photos with his Sony Nex

Despite being very enthusiastic in the herb garden, all my other macro attempts that day were rubbish, leaving only this to show you. Its the feeling of shooting a subject and then seeing the same thing in another photographer’s portfolio. Then you realize how shit your photo is.

Cheat Autumn room with wallpaper on the left and plaster ceiling on top. It was cold and slightly windy in there.

Hopeless ugly bokeh in useless photo. Looks weird with some lens spinning blade curvature. #mustbuynewcamera

KY and Yuki both holding bags never worn before. KY’s messenger bag is something like the bags they used in the Premium Rush movie.

A scatter of tiny buds?

At times I think I have an OK photo only to open it in Photoshop and find out there’s an ugly refraction glare. #killmenao

Ok bais! Is write later.