Lots of updates. Lazy to update my portfolio section already. Tiu. Gonna change to wordpress soon. I have like tons of blog posts to put up, enough for everyday for a week or two. Damn.

Lately, Vinn and I hooked up with her guy, Kevin to form Paintlust. Paintlust is a wall painting team. We are going to start doing jobs together under the perverted name. 🙂 NIPPON SPONSOR ME PLEASE!!!!!!

I designed the logo in a night, thinking of ways to make it perverted in subtle ways. Cleavages and ejaculation aside, this is what I came up with. Do you like it?

And I developed a website for PaintLust. It is officially launched in this blog post!! Its a fluid width layout, try resizing your browser window to see how the background image resizes to fit. I am loving this kinda coding.. Can’t wait to learn html5 n see what it has to offer!!!

Ellie’s blog was completed a while back. I gave it a very clean look with grid lines. This blog, together with Chien Teng’s and Amanda Choe‘s are all commissioned by Josh Lim, CEO of Advertlets.

Let’s talk bout the work first, Ellie is an architect student so I was thinking that the grid lines is somewhat like a blue prints kinda template grid. The big number is the Day of the post. This girl is obssessed with windmills. I met her for Joe’s photoshoot when my car boiled in green foam. T_T

Quote of Josh Lim : Why is the flash header 1.2 mb?
It’s only 48kb

Amanda‘s blog design. It’s funny how both Ellie and Amanda wanted simple design. I had never made such a detached design without any unity elements to hold the wrappers together. It even have a Flickr gallery. :p I finally met Amanda in the iTalkWhoa launch party, man this bitch is hawt!! All these younglings is making me feel old. T_T

Quote of Josh Lim : I like the header, it’s html5 why don’t you replace Ellie’s one with this?
html5 is not fully supported by all browsers ok -_- I really don’t think the budget allows html5 from my side.

Ok. I am not going to give any disclaimer. I have lost an 11k job just cuz the client wanted me to make my Twitter private and I didn’t want to. I didn’t even bitch or complain about that. There are alot of shit in my job but it’s all norm to me. There is just one motto I have when I work, I rent out my brain, skills and time. I do not rent out my privacy, public persona and my life.

However, Josh is the worst client I had ever had.

Now now, let’s leave the guppies behind and go for the sharks eh.

Last week, Chris emailed me asking me to sponsor the development of a website. It’s called Glee Flashmob Dance KL. I didn’t know what the fuck it is. I am that outdated. He said it’s gonna be the next big thing and I was like yeh, yeh everybody says that. I decided to do it since he have the layout and collage ready.

But when I checked my email again, the layout he sent was this :

When I saw it, I was at MacDonalds I bursted out laughing non-stop. What the hell is this!!! ROFL. 😀 It’s hilarious. Luckily he attached another screenshot mock up.

Then I realized I have to reshoot the hand cuz the quality is terrible. I got my cousin over and snapped a shot of my hand. Little did I know over 1400 people joined the website, probably more viewers and visitors and my hand is now phenomenally fehmes. lol.

I visited them yesterday at Bukit Bintang Secondary School in PJ, had to take 3 u-turns. CPS can’t fix my lack of directions til now. :p

When I reached there, somebody was broadcasting a message from a laptop. I was trying to look for the culprit, thinking if I can find the culprit I can find Chris. Couldn’t find anyone I know!

Man, it was damn packed with people. Hundreds of people were there doing the same damn dance!! It’s kinda awesome in a religious kinda way. lol.

It was hot, sweaty but these people are so hyped up and united for a reason I cannot fathom!! Keeell me now!

See?? They are doing it in unison. FML.

And I found the laptop behind the scenes!! It was on the top floor hanging precariously and threatening to drop if anyone stop dancing. I found Chris too, he was sweaty and very busy, rushing here and there.

And there is the famous hand.
Peace out.