I am part of a small team of artists who does wall murals as our main job, paintings and making miniatures while juggling between live art performances and events on the sidelines. Our current published work can be found at paintlust.net

After just one year of launching our company, we are now at an expansion stage! Woohoo! In stark contrast to most design/art companies out there, our work life is very chilled with realistic deadlines for our projects. That means, no midnight oils and dark eye circles!

We are looking for young female artists to join our team on a full time basis. Send us your resume and portfolio if you are interested!

Here is our requirements :-
1. Initiative and fun loving
2. Thirst and hunger for art creation of every form
3. Able to get to locations for jobs and events
4. Friendly and willing to learn
5. Committed for full time and at least 2 years
6. Learning period of 2 months probation
7. Willing to manage projects single handedly if need be

Benefits of joining our team :-
1. Probation salary of RM 1800 to start off and first increment to minimum RM 2000
2. 3 increments in salary for the first year
3. Awesome learning experience in traditional and digital art
4. Close knit ‘gossip girl’ social environment
5. Normal working hours except for events on nights
6. Work from home in between jobs

Email swootcreative@gmail.com if you are interested. Help us by forwarding this blip around!