I found this in deviantart and thought.. why not make it simpler and less dramatic for prom?

Add in a hairdo.. tada!

Nude lips and peacock eyes.. all done using the 88 pigment pallete

I swear I will die if I lose my 88 pallete.. lol..

Colours refer here!

Dab abit of 25 and 47. Apply them over the brow bone and under the outer corner of the eye.

Get abit of 13 and brush over the brow bone just below the brow a few times.

Smudge over half your eyelids.

Use 71, start from the lashline and brush up to the brow bone and under the inner corer of the eye. Rub over the green area, blending 2 colours together.

Get 61 and 82 and brush over the inner lashline above. Follow up by brushing the middle part of your lower lashline. The colours are coming together nicely now!!

Get some white shimmer (not in the pallete, available here if you don’t have one).

Lightly swipe over your cheekbone, browbone and over the makeup to give some shimmer.

Line your eyes with black eye pencil/liner

For blusher, use 19, 20, 30, 31, 41, 42. Use a blusher brush and lightly get the colours from the 5 pigments.

Blush your cheeks up!

Mascara and false lashes!
Curl your hair and pin them up in a messy bun. Clip on some accesories.. bling bling or flowers.. or peacock feathers.

Before you go out.. put on some lip balm.. Wait for it to settle down.

Then smudge nude lipliner over your lips.

Gloss up!

Remember to spray your hair with hair spray..

You can try spritzing your body with body shimmer.. light ones will do.. not the coarse ones..

I feel like having a tropical fruit punch. So thirsty.

Now that I have glamed up with NO WHERE to go, I feel sad sitting in front of my Mac blogging.