These is the 2 revolutionary food that I have tasted in Penang. I am a huge fan of Assam Laksa, Tomyam and Kimchii soup. Each week, I must have at least one of them. The Penang Assam Laksa was awesome but not revolutionary.

These 2 food are so revolutionary that it changes my mind completely about them. Since I am a city girl, I have tried Oh Chien and Pork Intestine porridge before but I always never finish them and I don’t crave for them either.

This Oh Chien, Oyster Omelette is deep fried and crispy when you bite on the flour. The oysters are succulent and well marinated. The omelette has a generous sprinkle of spring onions on them. The perfect bite is a combination of the crispy flour with spring onion omelette and one oyster in a spoon.

What does this mean. This means I can no longer enjoy any Oh Chien out of Penang anymore. This godsmacking snack is located on Carnavan Street, Penang.

Right after the Oh Chien, just so happened to have another revolutionary food. Omg, thats 2 revolutions in a day! I have had pretty awesome Chu Chap Chook in KL and PJ but nothing prepared me for this. Every piece of meat, internal.. fried or not. is perfectly marinated and prepared. All these goodness is sprinkled on a porridge broth that doesn’t have much taste in the beginning then I am wondering, ok what’s so nice about this.

However, as you navigated your way to the bottom of the bowl.. the porridge slowly absorb the juices and flavor from the meat. This gives the porridge a wonderful savory seasoning that is life changing. And at the bottom of the bowl, there are pieces of soft, large intestines for you to discover and enjoy. This porridge is located at New Lane, Penang.