It’s been some time since I have gotten my car. Ever since it has reached my hands, I wanted to do a whole lot of pimping to it to make it look prettier. I couldn’t find the time or money to do it though.

This time around, I am going to make it happen! I am going to give myself 3 months to do it and I am going to record the whole process here.

So here is my car, a white Satria Neo CPS. White cuz I am a female and it is a must for me to to state the color. :p

My ride

Anyway the car is stock with no modifications, just a few strut bars here and there which I have added on earlier last year. The car has been repainted with a Polyutherane paint in white to replace the old paint. PU paint cuz it is more resistant to scratches and chips, and also it doesn’t yellow with age.

So that essentially means if I were to do any work on the car, the paint I use have to be as good as the existing PU paint or it wouldn’t be worth it.

Pinstriped car

Yee Hou showed me a video (below) on pin striping and it was so awesome cool! Pinstriping is basically drawing lines on the vehicle to enhance the flow of the car’s curves and design.

HBTV: Depth of Speed – Andy the Pinstriper from HBTV on Vimeo.

While pinstriping is great and all, I feel like I wanna do some illustrations and paintings on the car as well. Airbrush is out of the hand as it would be costly that’s number one, number two I would have to learn from scratch and that takes months, I would also need a huge sanitized garage space for this job. So that is out of the question, I searched high and low for people painting on the car with brushes and turned up with no inspiring examples.

In the end, I feel that a car wrap with my digitally painted design would be most appropriate for the occasion. The car wrap is in vinyl(I think) and after it is back from the shop, I would pin stripe the bungkus-ed car.

Car Skinz GTR wrap

I am still unsure at this stage if this would work. After much research, I would be using the usual utherane paint for the pinstriping which is suitable for metals and steel like vehicles. However, the car would be wrapped in vinyl and the paint might not bind to the surface. However I have read somewhere that the paint is very versatile and binds to everything that is solid.

After a few more searches, I was happy to confirm that the enamel can bind to vinyl. Phew.

My schedule would be something like this :

March – Design, Research, Gather materials and tools
April – Send for car wrap
May – Paint the car

Sounds good so far. A few more things to do though, I need to contact Tom’s Sticker to ask about the price, templates and printing quality of the car wrap.

And I need to purchase a pin striping book, tools and the paints in US and ship them back here. Not sure if shipping liquid back is allowed. Gotta check that too. Tons of things to do, so little time.

Until next time then. 🙂 So excited!!! T’is gonna be fun!