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Web Design & Development

My new blog design. Simple enough for me to have a new toy up soon.. you’ll see you’ll see..

KY’s new blog design. Comes with side thumbnails and a food map as well. Minimal and scalable.

Blogshop affiliated with Ringo from Cheeserland.com. First ever wordpress catalog design.

Shakes Logo Shakes Flyer Shakes Voucher TheOnlineFashion.com Ad Banner


@shakes logo, flyer and voucher design
Done for Eve Yeo.

TheOnlineFashion.com’s ad banner design
For Andrea’s blogshop.

Shakes Namecard Raymond Chew Namecard Bluey Joyce Namecard Bluey Joyce Namecard


@shakes namecard
Eve’s namecard

Raymond’s namecard
My hairstylist’s namecard. lol.

Bluey Joyces’ namecards
2 namecard prints and design for Bluey Joyce.

La Base Materiel Photoshoot


La’ Base Materiel
My modelling shot for a clothing line. Available in Pavilion Parkson.