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Bumblebee painted helmet

Spray & Acrylic on Helmet

Like everything I do, its in a reverse order. I want to bike someday in a KSR. That’s about the only bike short enough for me. Do I have a bike? no.

Do I have a license? no.

So to start, I got my own helmet. Nice start right. Not even sure if I will end up getting the bike. Hehe.

Anyway, I saw some cool airbrushed helmets online and I thought I would look great with a Transformers Autobot Bumblebee helmet. Everything must be yellow. Even the bike. And of course I planned my outfit already. Now.. a bike.. errr…

I shelved this project many times. At first I tried doing it with airbrush, it was a complete failure. I couldn’t get it done with masking, nor was I good enough to do it freehand. I kept it outside my house and it collected lots of dirt and dust. The glue from the masking melted into the rubber, bad bad bad.

And to top that all, I have forgotten where I placed the visor, rubbers and styrofoam I removed so long ago.

After months of sitting in dust, I finally took the liberty and slapped some acrylic on it. OMG, it was so much faster with brush and acrylic. Still the details were a pain to duplicate for each side.

This is all painted with acrylic and I am hoping that the factory I always send my car and gears for repainting can slap a huge amount of lacquer on it to protect the paint.

Turns out it costs only 40 bucks to lacquer it. Good connection helps! Really helps. Let me know if you need to repaint your car, I can recommend you this factory. Usually if you send it to car workshops, they’ll still send to a factory. And money get wasted on the way. Doing direct is the best!

This is how it looks after lacquer and all the parts in place. So proud of my bumblebee helmet. Hope you get to see it on the road soon enough. Just look for the smallest bike where everything is YELLOW!!