Citrus Medley in a box V

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12 x 12 inches
Oil on Canvas

Final piece for the Citrus Collection. Its larger than the rest and I can’t wait to start on my new collection! Took me some time to get use to the large size but once I focus on my basics I breezed through the process.

Tips :
  1. One brush for everything doesn’t work. It may work in acrylics because clean up is a breeze, just a swish in the water and its ready for new colors. For oil there is a tendency to plow through everything with the same brush and paint can get stuck deep inside the brush. Colours get muddy and the whole thing looks over blended.
  2. Stick strictly to the steps – Tonal value wash, color placement, details and lastly – integrating relationships. For tonal value wash, a soft synthetic brush can be used. Cotton buds and tissue are used to wipe highlights into the toned canvas. In the color placement stage, shapes and details are not of concern. The primary goal is to place the correct color at the correct location. Each stroke has to be precisely the correct hue, chroma and value. This is the stage where paint scraping can be of help if the wrong color is placed on the canvas. Shadow areas are painted with soft synthetic brush and lights are painted with bristle brush. In the detail stage, one should start at the point of interest first, giving as much detail as necessary. The rest of the subject matter gets as little detail as necessary, just enough to convey the meaning of the subject. Lastly, relationships are established between objects through reflection of colors in the shadow area and blurring edges between color shapes that has similar color, value or chroma.