Lemon in a box II

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Oil on Canvas
8 x 8 inches
So back to the story.. right now I have 2 visual styles of art :
1. Illusion box painting in oil
2. Chinese brush + illustrative portraits/figures
In my previous post I spoke of possibly merging them together. The simplest method is to introduce a similar visual approach for both of them that is distinct and easily recognisable. This study is the approach I chose. Its nothing revolutionary as it is my staple style when I use acrylics in my murals. Expressive colors in patches, working fast and this time, I kept the lines back in the negative background.
Its a very pastel Cezanne, to put it nicely. And I am happy where this is going because it has a strong experience supporting it(I paint like this in acrylics all the time, not as exaggerated though) and also because I think it has room to become something unexpected once I stick with it long enough. I am excited for that.
So, I will be painting a couple of these before I move to portraits/figures where I will be mixing 2 mediums together. Exciting times, the best thing is, I will be able to introduce those paintings here as well instead of just confining to my other market.


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