Potted Succulent II


Before I started these exercise of painting daily, I spent about 6 months reading about oil painting. I joined Kindle Unlimited and read almost all the books available on painting. I also joined ArtistNetwork and watched all the tutorials available.

It can be quite a different experience embarking on a new interest when you have the budget to fund the education, tools and supplies. I got quite addicted to learning. You see, I am well versed in acrylic but not in oil. The transition was slow and painful. I had the notion that studying and researching would do me good.

I had a nagging thought in me saying, ‘Stop reading and start painting’ but I couldn’t stop. Haha. I derive a lot of joy from learning. Besides it is not easy to advanced from Intermediate artist to an Advanced Artist, most of the learning material were geared towards beginners.

Then I bought this valuable gem of a book and with my new found knowledge, I started to experiment. Soon after I noticed a pattern in all the other lessons and knew that my time had come to start painting.

The only advice I have for artists is to understand that art is a draft of what you see but fine art is about simplifying or complicating what you see.