Finally I get to blog!!!
I am currently handling 3 blog/website design.. PLUS my CF card reader refuses to work with my Mac. All the photos we shot were taken hostage by my card reader. I negotiated for days and ‘it’ remains stubborn.

Thank god it work now. ish.
Anyway, for those who are still unsure about the pigment palletes I have upgraded the packaging to bubble wrap and so far, no complaints. 😀

Anyway, today I will share some eyeliner tips that you can use with any eyeshadow colour base. This is usually what I do after I have applied the colours on my lids.

The result will be something like this sans eye make up.
By the way, I just bought a cool eyeliner!!! All my eyeliners are either :
a. difficult to apply
b. too thick/thin
3. gives my eye a stinging feeling once applied.

This one is the best!! I shall blog bout it one day.
one day…

Actually I have some very neutral make up on..

The first step is to use a PENCIL eyeliner on the wet wet lower lash line (see above).
Just shade on the line, you won’t go blind. Don’t go onto your skin ya..
This trick makes your lower lashes fuller. ahem. i know they don’t look nothing like full now but trust me.
After that, use some white eyeliner or glitter eyeliner on the inner corner of your eye like so.
This step wakes ur eyes up, it takes away the sleepy look from your face.

Then use your liquid liner to do your upper lash liner and the outer corner of your lower lash line. Note that it ends right before it touches the white eyeliner.

1. You have to draw the thickness line based on the depth of your crease
Pardon my drawing..
If you have a shallow crease (like me) your line have to be as thin as possible and gradually getting thicker towards the outer corner. You know you got it wrong when its as thick as your double eyelid crease. Then you will look as if you do not have a double eyelid, unless that is the look you are going for.

If you have a deep crease (caucasians/malays/indians) your line can be thicker even if it shades your whole eye lid, you won’t look weird.

If you do not have double eyelids, you have to go really thick to widen your eyes.
You definitely need a good mascara, lash curler and fake lashes too cuz your lashes tend to droop/hide beneath your hidden lids.

2. You have to draw the shape of the line based on the shape of your eyes.
If you have doe eyes(like me) you can do it like this. A little bit of slanting up so that your eyes doesn’t seem to be drooping down. The lower lash line could be all the way or halfway like in the figure. It doesn’t really matter if you draw on the tear duct or the skin part.
Well if you love the way your eyes look, you can always follow the shape to emphasize them more. Same applies to all examples below.

For eyes slanting upwards, you have to line only the middle part of your lash line. No slanting up. You can thicken the line in the middle. For the lower lash line, just line the middle part.

For really round eyes. I apologize for the shock in the drawing, haha.. Anyway you need to line it thicker at the beginner and at the end. Remember to slant it up. Keep the middle part thin. For the lower lash, you have to line the inner wet part of the lash line to keep the shape of your eyes closer together. Line it all the way through.

For droopy eyes, you definitely need to slant up the ends drastically. Line only one third of the outer corner of your lower lash line.

After that, all that is left is the mascara and fake lashes!

Hope it helps!