Hey you.. thanks for reading. 🙂

It’s been some time. I miss your comments and reads. The past few months I have been bouncing left and right from idea to idea, job to job. It is kinda bad cuz I keep buying a new domain everytime I have a new idea. As fickle as I was, I woke up.

When I graduated from uni, I was swamped with interviews with 3D companies. That was my first wake up call. I knew I couldn’t spend the rest of my life doing 3D and I had no way of getting out of the industry. So I overacted and ignored all calls.

This time, I have made a solid resolution not to accept anymore freelance jobs for web design. I imagined myself in the future before, and the future me is not a freelance web dev. I have to stop now and focus on who I want to become.

For clients or future clients, I will help you out with your blog/website. But for no charge. This also means I will most likely say ‘No’ unless it is a huge emergency or an interesting bug. Other than that, my advice and consultation is free. 🙂 My portfolio is also off the site and will be ported to Behance Network. I am really happy I got accepted into Behance.

Shop is also finally closed. No more orders. I am considering letting you guys know where I get my stock, cuz I seriously have no time to maintain the shop.

What’s next?

Its pretty hard to answer this question as I been breaking my promises over n over again. Stating things I will do but they never happen. What I can do is predict the chain reaction from my recent actions.

Before the year ends, I definitely will wrap up my last job. Check it out if you haven’t. I am still fixing the ie7 issues. And get this blog properly coded so that I can go to sleep each night without a thorn in my brain reminding me how awful my blog is.

I been reading alot, joined a really awesome forum for web devs. This means I will be posting more often in Tumblr and more tutorials here as well. I feel more connected to the web community and I want to contribute back. (Since I been leeching knowledge and learning so much from Google)

I also have a great urge to belong to a work/hobby community. So I might be contributing to other people’s projects for the sake of helping and learning as well. I’ll be doing that and my own project. 🙂 I can also visualize myself joining new people and enjoying common hobbies.

Thank you for reading. Comments are welcome.