Recently, Erin and I went on a super rush trip. In just 3 days, we drove to Singapore, back to Malacca and then up to Cameron Highlands. I didn’t have the opportunity to take any photographs in Singapore or Malacca, so I waited til we were in Camerons to do that.

The drive up started relatively fast, but after passing by the third landslide we drove really conservatively, and honked at every turn. There were about 20 or more landslides.. and this was at the end of November, when the bouts of rain in Malaysia was crazy.

The roads up to Camerons are one lane in each direction. The landslide took up one lane and blocked the vision entirely. One has to honk and go really slow, cuz you can’t see if there are cars coming at you. And usually, right after the landslide the roads are dented with pit holes. Accelerating out of the landslide is a bad idea for your tyres and suspensions.

We started to regret driving up and then we saw the view. Breathtaking isn’t it. i think this is the Cameron Tea Valley view. They now have a few rest stops along Camerons for you to enjoy the sights of their plantation.

My photos were all taken using the Sony Nex f3, 18-200mm telephoto. I used blue and green GND filters to enhance the color of the landscape. Filters can really bring out the beauty of a landscape.

And this is the panorama view of the valley.. love it. I am gonna put all these shots up in Red Bubble for sale. 😀

That’s Erin there taking photos of the landscape.

It’s a pity that our parks are not well taken care off compared to this place. We, Malaysians are known for our notorious littering and because of that..strict regulations guard this place and any parks beautiful enough for a picnic is turned into a littered park. Putting a “do not litter” sign creates the opposite effect usually.

I think this is a dam. I wouldn’t mind having a tree house here. #justsaying.

Please paint the roof brown provencal style. It will make this view even more awesome. Trust me, I do color coordinations for a living. Ceh. cis.

Dunno what flower is this but I like the shape of the leaves.

Please do Overtime and pluck the leaves it said.

Rows and rows of tea bunches that looked like scabs to Erin. So she says. To me I just wanna roll down the hill and up again. and down again…