So I went to Sephora and came back with a huge haul. Then I decided to get some bags and cases to clean up my makeup. And I spent the whole night reorganizing my makeup.

Then I stumbled upon all these loose pigments that I am just too lazy to use, cuz I have to shake them out and add water to use them each time.

I also saw that makeup eyeshadow stick that is half broken. What a waste if I just throw them away!

Then there is that broken lipstick and a half tube of lip gel that has melted. 

And finally, I saw my precious face powder shattered. There was still a lot of it in the case.


So I think to myself, what if I press them back into old empty cases? I also have lots of contact lens cases to spare. Then I can also mix and match pigments or powders.

Get ready for this by switching off your fan! Really important that!

And also remember to lay your pigments/cases on a piece of paper or tissue. If you do not have a tiny spatula, you can always use a tiny spoon or the back of your brush to do the job. 

Final note! After you have pressed the pigments, remember to clean the case as thoroughly as you can. If the case is still dirty, you might end up dirtying your hands each time you use your DIY pressed makeup.